Xue Zi Xuan Chapter 1 PART 2

EXTRA: Xue Zi Xuan Chapter 1 PART 1
Xue Zi Xuan Extra 1.3

Chapter 1.2:

Translated by Moonlightfrost

The man was very young, about twenty-five years old, with a height of around 1.88 meters, all he needed to do was tip-toe and he could touch the roof. Hearing the sound, he looked sideways, his pair of narrow phoenix eyes full of melancholy and indifference, the beautiful facial features seemed like a beam of light shining into Zhou Yun Sheng’s eyes, causing him to suddenly understand what is as handsome as a bright room, what is called as beautiful as a jadeite crown.

Zhou Yun Sheng was frozen on the spot, unconsciously hiding his hands which were covered with flour behind him. He likes men, and this man was precisely his favorite type, noble and elegant, with a unique temperament, gentle like the moonlight, and pleasant like the spring breeze, however, ice cold arrogance was hidden in his pair of indifferent eyes.

Before this, Zhou Yun Sheng had been blown by the cold wind when riding the tractor, so his nose was a little blocked and runny. Zhou Yun Sheng praised the beautiful man in his heart while habitually wiping his nose, when he saw the other person’s gaze turn from indifference to disgust, his heart contracted in fear. No matter what this person came to do, he does not have a good impression of him, so it seems that he should be a plot character.

As a villain, he would definitely be hostile to most of the plot characters, Zhou Yun Sheng still has this much awareness. He immediately adjusted his thoughts, cracked opened his mouth, and smiled at the man.

The man turned his gaze away and indifferently said, “Take him away.”

“Yes, Mr. Xue.” A middle-aged man nodded his head before stepping forward to explain the situation with a smile.

Only then did Zhou Yun Sheng know that this body also had a twin sister, as his parents were unable to raise her due to her weak body, she was given to a rich couple to be taken care of. The couple is precisely the parents of the handsome young man. Now that his little sister had grown up, she accidentally discovered her identity, so she cried and begged for her twin brother to be taken home to accompany her. The couple couldn’t bear to refuse her and thus let their eldest son look for him, that’s why the handsome man appeared in Zhou Yun Sheng’s worn-out cave.

Zhou Yun Sheng put on a shocked expression, but in his heart, he was contemplating the identity of the handsome man who had suddenly appeared and his supposed sister. The probability of them being the protagonists was 70%, 30% for important side characters and as for cannon fodder, the probability was obviously 0, the man’s appearance was too flawless, from once glance one could tell he was definitely not cannon fodder.

Just then, the system made a “ding” noise, meaning that a mission was here. “Host, please leave Xiao Liu village with these two people.”

Things have finally progressed, Zhou Yun Sheng felt relaxed all over. He pretended to ask a lot of questions in surprise, such as is my sister alright, where does she live, how long will it take etc.

The handsome man seemed a bit arrogant, staying silent the entire time, and also seemed to be very particular about cleanliness, wearing a pair of white gloves and refusing to touch anything in the house. Seeing that the assistant was still patiently answering all of the youth’s questions, he said in a heavy voice, “Let’s go first, whatever you want to say you can say it in the car.”

“Yes Mr. Xue,” The assistant quickly responded, not caring about the opinions of the youth, just asking him for his identification documents and luggage. In their eyes, Xiao Liu Village was an extremely poor place, who could resist the temptation of leaving this place and moving to a big city?

Zhou Yun Sheng really couldn’t resist. He was used to living a lavish lifestyle, being stuck in Xiao Liu village for ten years was already his limit. Moreover, the original body’s parents had died unjustly, while the culprit had just used some money to settle with the original body’s grandparents, and signed a private agreement, it was not enough to sway him. The original’s parents worked hard for so many years, not keeping much of the money they had earned, instead sending a large portion of it back to pay for Zhou Yun Sheng’s education, he couldn’t just not repay this debt of gratitude.

The handsome man came from the capital, while the original body’s parents were killed when they were working in the capital, since he was going there this time he could use this chance to find out the truth. Deciding on this course of action, Zhou Yun Sheng did not delay, immediately packing up some clothes and documents, and followed the two.

Walking towards the entrance of the village, a black SUV was parked at the side of the road, surrounded by a group of elderly people and children who were giving sighs of appreciation. Even if they haven’t seen much of the world, they can judge its huge value from its huge body and sleek paint job.

Wow, a Land Rover SVAutobiography, which cost at least three million yuan, this handsome man’s family background isn’t bad. Zhou Yun Sheng was not just some country bumpkin, he could tell what the brand of the car was at a glance, and already had a general understanding of the people who he was going with. Even if they were not from some gigantic wealthy clan, they should at least have more than enough in riches, no wonder they were so fussy.

He pretended to be like the other children, crowding around the car with excitement and curiosity, causing the assistant to laugh out loud. Although the handsome man was indifferent and arrogant, he still had proper upbringing, waiting for Zhou Yun Sheng to look his fill before opening the door and calmly saying, “Let’s go.”

“Ay.” Zhou Yun Sheng agreed, before climbing into the car with much trouble.


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What is as handsome as a bright room, what is called as beautiful as a jadeite crown– In Chinese, “什么叫做满室生辉,什么叫做美如冠玉”, the author basically calling the man very very very handsome or pretty. The first one isn’t actually used to describe people so I’m not so sure, the second one can also mean as beautiful as jade.

Cannon fodder – “炮灰” basically the type of character which doesn’t contribute much to the story and dies very fast

Things have finally progressed – “终于刷出新副本” this has some references to gaming, so in games when a new quest or mission has popped out its called a “新副本” so what ZYS means is that he can finally advance to another stage of level of this world

Land Rover SVAUTOBIOGRAPHY – a very luxurious and super expensive land rover, considered to be rather high end among the land rovers

Three million yuan – Chinese currency, should be around 430, 600 US dollars

Gigantic wealthy clan – “豪门巨族” kind of like the Chinese equivalent of chaebols, big families or clans which are very wealthy(the kind which has a lot of drama most of the time)

Haven’t seen much of the world – “没见过世面” means that one hasn’t experienced much of the world with a negative connotation, thus has very limited knowledge about it, pretty much like a country bumpkin

E/N: I was barely needed for this chapter lol

EXTRA: Xue Zi Xuan Chapter 1 PART 1
Xue Zi Xuan Extra 1.3
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  1. Perfection. I have read alot of transmigration novels, but this, this is the best, so far. An OP protagonist, that still gets into trouble; his lover, thats amnesiac but still OP. You get hooked from the first arc, and right when you are getting tired, the author switched shit up. Enjoyable even to the last page. THANKS FOR THE TRANSLATION

  2. Perfection. I have read alot of transmigration novels, but this, this is the best, so far. An OP protagonist, that still gets into trouble; his lover, thats amnesiac but still OP. You get hooked from the first arc, and right when you are getting tired, the author switched shit up. Enjoyable even to the last page

  3. I just saw this while looking for new novel to read, welcome back Kextranslations I, well, we miss you and I hope your move was not that challenging for you(mind and body). I wish you a good night and thank you for deciding to do the extra for us 🙂

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