ABO Vol 1: Chapter 31


Chapter 031: Brian’s Confession

Because of the odd uneasiness that suddenly rose up in his heart, Snow couldn’t help but frown slightly. He glanced in Brian’s direction and saw that Brian appeared to be discussing something seriously with Caesar, but nothing seemed to be abnormal.

…Maybe I’m over thinking it?

Cheryl looked at him with an inquisitive smile: “Is something bothering you? Underclassman?”

Snow took a deep breath and feigned calmness: “Nothing’s wrong.”

Cheryl smiled and changed subjects: “Oh right, you asked me about creating homemade medicine today. I thought of a way you can do it. I’m currently preparing for my graduation project, and I’ve just been approved for the private school lab I applied for. If you need it, I can lend you all the equipment you need to make medicine.”

Snow looked up and asked: “Doesn’t this violate the school’s rules?”

Cheryl shook her head and said, “That doesn’t matter, I need a lab assistant to help with some tasks. You should apply to be my assistant, so no one doubts you when you go in and out of the lab or use the equipment.”

Snow said earnestly: “Thank you, upperclassman.”

Cheryl: “Don’t mention it, I grew up on Oman planet too. It’s rare to meet another schoolmate from my home. I’m supposed to take care of you.” Cheryl paused, then lowered her voice and said, “But, pretending to be your girlfriend is not a long-term solution. Isn’t it better to try and find a girl you’d like? Do you want me to introduce someone to you?”

Snow hastily replied: “That’s okay, let’s keep this up for the time being, thank you upperclassman.”

Cheryl smiled and said, “Okay, then treat me to dinner today.”

Snow nodded: “No problem.”

Cheryl was a third-year medical department upperclassman whom Snow met the first day he checked in at school. At that time, she happened to be in the new students’ reception room and discovered that Snow came from the same planet Oman as her, so she paid closer attention to him. The two exchanged contact information, and Cheryl assured Snow that he could ask her for help if he encountered any difficulties in school. She was the Secretary General of the Medical Department’s Student Union.

It just so happens that Snow was stressing over the inhibitor situation for the past few days, so he tracked down Cheryl to ask her about making homemade drugs.

This upperclassman specializes in pharmacology. After graduation, she’ll most likely become a pharmacist. That she was currently preparing her graduation project and had already applied for a private laboratory to make a batch of new drugs just as Snow needed her help was an unexpected, but pleasant, surprise.

He unhesitantly agreed to become Cheryl’s assistant. As long as he got a hold of the ingredients for the inhibitor, he could use the laboratory equipment to create a more stable inhibitor.

After dinner, Snow returned to the library to once again look up information.

He had to think of a way to process the oral inhibitor into an injection as soon as possible.

Many of the ingredients in the inhibitor could not be directly absorbed by the body after digestion in the gastrointestinal tract. The effects of an oral administration were greatly reduced. Only a direct intravenous injection was most efficient. Moreover, an injection was only needed once every three months, unlike the oral medication, which had to be taken every day.

Snow knew the formula for the inhibitor, however, in order to find conventional drugs with similar effects to use as substitutes for the illegal ingredients that were not commercially available, he needed to consult a large amount of data and conduct various experiments.


As Snow carefully consulted the pharmacological data, he had no idea that at that moment Brian was in the reference room upstairs, frowning as he read through “Snow’s girlfriend Cheryl’s” records.

What surprised him was that Cheryl’s information was too easy to look up –

The girl was actually a third-year medical department senior, and the Secretary-General of the Medical Department’s Student Union. Her profile was directly linked to on the publicity page of the Medical Department’s Student Union. He just had to click it to receive a very detailed introduction…

Cheryl, Beta Female, 20 years old, a third-year in St. Romia Military School’s Medical Department, pharmaceutical major.

Born on planet Oman, her parents were both doctors, and her family background seemed to be very simple.

Cheryl was very beautiful, not a shy and sweet little sister-like beauty, but a dignified and sophisticated big sister-like beauty. Almost 173, a figure that made becoming a model a viable career, plus she had a cheerful personality, was well-spoken, and was very popular in the medical department. It was rumored that if all her pursuers queued up they would form a very long line.

– How many days has Snow known her for? Did he actually manage to capture the department’s third year beauty?

That ice cold and unsmiling Snow, he definitely didn’t seem the type to go around wooing girls! Certainly, that older sister must be some kind of cradle robber, and she’s the one who chased after Snow, right?

It must be true!

Imagining Cheryl cornering Snow and confessing to him, Brian immediately clenched his teeth in hate!

Someone actually moved ahead of him? How unbearable!

Forcing himself to calm down, Brian returned to the dormitory.

He walked into the dormitory in time to meet Lin Yuan coming out of his bedroom after changing into casual clothes.

Puzzled, Brian asked: “You’re going out now? It’s so late.”

Lin Yuan smiled and said: “Yeah, I signed up with Caesar for the mech competition next month, I’m heading to the mech training room for some drills.”

No wonder Caesar mysteriously disappeared after dinner, he had an appointment to mech train with Lin Yuan. This was the first time Brian heard about them signing up for the Mech Competition. Seeing Lin Yuan practically bouncing with excitement, he waved and said, “Go on then, train hard, make sure you bring back that first place prize!”

“Will do!” Lin Yuan nodded and hurried out.

Now Brian stood alone in the empty dormitory.

Brian sat on the living room sofa and turned on the big screen TV to watch his soaps, but for some reason he couldn’t get into the story he usually liked so much today. His brain was full of the scene of Cheryl holding Snow’s arm.

Brian sat expressionlessly for a while, then poured himself a glass of cold water and gulped it down, but the cold water in his belly didn’t do a thing to extinguish the fire in his heart, it just made Brian feel even more depressed.

I was too oblivious. When I saw Snow with his girlfriend, I finally realized that I liked him!

No wonder he’d felt so anxious when Snow fell sick that day, and felt so giddy with happiness when he’d carried him back home on his back, and after hearing that he had a girlfriend, he’d had insomnia for a whole night!

You obviously liked him right?! How do you only figure it out now?!

Brian scratched his head, annoyed. I’m even one step too late to confess, I’m such an idiot!


Some hours passed, and after about 10:30, the door was suddenly pushed opened.

Snow had returned from the library, but as soon as he walked through the door, he immediately felt that the atmosphere was a little bit wrong. Lin Yuan and Caesar’s bedroom doors were both wide open, the two were clearly not in the dormitory. Only Brian was sitting on the living room sofa, desperately drinking cold water. The TV was still playing a boring melodramatic romance.

Snow nonchalantly glanced at him and headed towards his bedroom.

This blatant disregard finally thoroughly infuriated Brian. Brian immediately stood up from the sofa and followed Snow.

Snow walked into his room and was just about to close the door, when Brian suddenly reached out and blocked it.

…What is this, a shadow?

Snow frowned: “Brian, do you have something to say?”

Brian stared straight at him and asked, “That Cheryl, is she really your girlfriend?”

Snow nodded.

Brian asked, irritated: “You only met her a few days ago and you’re already dating? Do you know her? Do you know what kind of person she is? What if you’re completely incompatible?!”

Snow replied coolly: “She’s cheerful and beautiful, what’s wrong with me wanting to be with her? Whether or not we’re incompatible, we can only know after being together, right?”

Brian: “…”

Brian was left dumbstruck by the two rhetorical questions.

Snow ignored Brian and turned into his room. He took off his jacket, preparing to take a shower.

Brian immediately followed him into the bedroom. “Do you really like her that much? Like her to the point of insisting you guys be together? Or say, did she actively pursue you, and you causally agreed cause you wanted to give it a try?”

Snow glanced at him with cold impatience: “Brian, are my private affairs any concern of yours? You’re just my roommate, isn’t this too much meddling?”

Brian hung his head and grumbled: “It is my concern.”

“…?” Snow couldn’t hear what he was muttering about, frowning, he said: “Leave already, I want to take a shower.”

Brian suddenly looked up and grabbed Snow’s wrist, shouting: “Your private affairs are my concern! I don’t want you to be with someone else! Do you hear me? I like you!”

Snow turned back in shock. “What did you say…hey…”

The blond boy’s handsome face was suddenly magnified in front of his eyes and his lips were warmed, he was being kissed by Brian.

“…” Snow immediately froze, wide eyed.

Brian’s tongue nimbly pried opened Snow’s jaw and directly plunged into Snow’s mouth. As if to declare his possession, he unceremoniously attacked, one hand tightly holding Snow’s wrist, the other hand immediately encircling Snow’s slender waist, closing the distance between the two, and pulling Snow into his arms.

“Oh… hmm…”

Snow was completely caught off guard by the kiss!

When he could finally react, his mouth was full of Brian’s taste!

Brian’s possessive kiss was full of the rough and reckless passion of youth, but it was also very warm. The rich fragrance of an Alpha spread between lips and tongues, making Snow’s body tremble involuntarily. His head suddenly blanked, his body felt a wave of weakness, and he lost his ability to resist almost instantly.

– Snow’s unexpectedly not resisting? Awesome! Does this mean he also likes me?

Thinking of this, Brian deepened the kiss, his nimble tongue thoroughly plunging into the other boy’s mouth, paying attention to every inch of Snow’s mouth, slowly licking his teeth, and wrapping around Snow’s tongue, kissing him deeply.

“Oh… um…”

The ambiguous sound of smacking lips made the entire bedroom seem especially quiet.

Snow’s rapid breathing and slight trembling in his arms made Brian feel even more excited, and his body’s pheromone also became more concentrated. He was almost instantly hard, if not for his last traces of rational restraint, he would’ve already pushed Snow onto the bed.


Snow’s eyelashes trembled incessantly, his slender fingers gripped Brian’s clothes to support the weight of his body.

His whole body felt weak, being embraced really was too unbearable!

His condition had been very unstable these past few days. His Omega pheromone fluctuated restlessly. At this moment, being directly kissed and embraced by an Alpha, Snow’s defenses almost instantly collapsed!

Brian was licking every inch of his mouth, he was filled with the Alpha’s breath. The dreadful feeling of being eaten alive made Snow’s scalp grow numb, and his back trembled with a subtle sense of trepidation. He even felt a desire to get closer growing in the bottom of his heart…

No, I can’t let him kiss me like this…

“Ah… let go… let go of me…”

Snow resolutely pinched his palm to let himself recover some rationality, then clenched his fist and used all his strength to punch Brian’s face!

“…” Brian was stunned by the attack, and finally released Snow.

When he first met Snow, Brian’s left eye was the victim. This time, the victim was the right eye.

The two eyes were balanced.

Although he was punched again, Brian felt very happy this time.

Snow, whose whole body was weakened by the kiss, couldn’t put much strength behind the punch. In Brian’s eyes, it looked to be a reaction because of shy angry, his eye didn’t even hurt. Looking at Snow’s flushed red face, lips swollen by his kiss, and rapid panting, Brian felt very giddy with happiness.

Being beaten up, letting him vent his shyness, none of that mattered!

Brian boldly stepped forward and gently grabbed Snow’s wrist, the other hand positioned over his heart, he said softly: “Snow, I like you, please don’t stay with that upperclassman. Be with me… okay?”

Snow: “…”

Brian anxiously looked at Snow and said, “I’m serious. I pledge my heart and soul to you! I’ll cook for you, wash your clothes, and make your bed. If you date me, I’ll never let you regret it.”

Snow: “…”

Are you confessing or selling merchandise?!

Also, cooking, washing clothes, making the bed… why are you describing yourself as a full-time housekeeper?

Snow looked up at Brian and met his sparkling eyes. He originally wanted to scold him for being so shameless, but when he met his expectant gaze, he couldn’t open his mouth. Instead, he looked away awkwardly.

This guy’s confession really was too embarrassing…

And Brian’s manner of confession was so rotten…

But his kiss was really tender, and his eyes were also very sincere, obviously, his ‘like’ was serious.

Can… Can I believe him?

Brian was an Alpha, if he really did like him…if he suddenly entered estrus on school grounds in the future, but he had Brian around to mark him in time, wouldn’t this be better?

Or he could let him mark him in advance, which would also help him avoid any troubles caused by estrus?

At the very least, being marked by someone who liked you was better than being marked by an unfamiliar Alpha.

And he could ask Brian to keep his secret for him.

If he really had to pick an Alpha in the school to mark him, Brian was undoubtedly the most suitable choice.

Although he was trying to think rationally about his current situation, when he thought about Brian possibly invading his body, entering that unspeakably private place, embracing, possessing, marking him, and even ejaculating in his body…

Snow’s whole body stiffened, his hands and feet felt cold, he felt an intense desire to stab someone.

Taking a deep breath, Snow forced himself to calm down and raised his head, deliberately ignoring the discomfort of meeting Brian’s shameless smile. Holding back the urge to punch him again, he asked in a neutral tone: “You really like me?”

Brian nodded enthusiastically, “Of course I do. You’re my first love. You can ask Caesar if you don’t believe me. I’ve never felt this way about anyone before, you’re the first person I’ve ever liked.”

Listening to his confession, Snow’s heart felt even more uncomfortable.

– First love? What did that feel like? Not only was Snow completely clueless, he also didn’t want to find out.

Although he thought that, looking at Brian’s ingratiating smile… he didn’t feel all that disgusted?

That was good, anyway, he had to find an Alpha to mark himself sooner or later, and if it’s Brian, it’ll be convenient to handle these matters in the dormitory.

Snow made up his mind and said dully: “Okay, let’s try dating.”

Brian: “……………”

Brian was speechless, even he didn’t expect his confession to be successful on the first try. Then he ecstatically threw himself at Snow and tightly hugged him, “Good, great!”

Brian propped his chin on Snow’s shoulder and lightly nuzzled him, like a big dog. He also softly confessed into his ear.

“I really like you…Snow…”

“…” Snow didn’t know how to answer him, so he just remained rigid and silent. But Brian apparently had no intention of letting him go, his strong arms grew tighter and tighter, making it harder and harder for Snow to breathe.

After a long time, Snow finally took a deep breath and hesitatingly reached out to gently hug Brian’s shoulder.

Brian immediately happily lifted Snow’s chin and kissed him again. His tongue cleverly explored his mouth, the gentle kiss even carried a hint of imploration.

“…” Snow blushed, then tightened his arms around Brian’s shoulders and began to respond timidly.

Brian, who finally got a response, became even more excited, and sucked and licked Snow’s tongue more enthusiastically, drawing Snow closer into his arms.

Snow couldn’t help but think in his heart: This Brian’s just like a big dog, always eagerly following behind him. Such an Alpha was sticking to him, but he somehow didn’t seem to find him as annoying as at first?

In Snow’s impression, Alpha have always been disgusting beings, especially since many Alpha were chauvinistic and arrogant, and only viewed Omega as their sex playthings and tools for child bearing.

However, this Brian seems to be a little bit different?

Especially when he embraced him so gently and kissed him so desperately…

Snow was surprised to discover that he didn’t feel sickened at all.



Cradle robber- an old cow eats young grass (idiom) /a romance where the man is significantly older than the woman

Desperately drinking cold water- Could be some kind of slang, but I think it’s literal

Shadow- lit. bum beetle / sb who tags along

St. Romia- I’m changing it from San Romia to St. Romia, cause, well, that’s the proper translation and I’m both an idiot and an amateur.

Don’t hate on Brian too much

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