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Sorry for the site downtime. I thought this site was pretty small, but apparently it’s big enough to overload the small server I’m on, and they suspended me. If this keeps up, I might just move back to the free-hosted wordpress and not worry about it. I’ll give it a few months. Sorry for the back and forth guys.

EDIT: Whelp I switched hosts cause they kept shutting my site down without warning and that was really annoying. I also got rid of the bulky new comment system (which I’m 99% sure was the source of all my woes). The downside is that the last backup of my site I made was apparently March 5th, so I’ve lost all comments/edits/changes to the site from since then. What a waste of time.

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Good News and Bad News
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      1. For some reason, the link is not showing in the table of contents. However, if you press on Ch.14 Extra and look for the button that indicates the next chapter then you will find it.

      2. Or you can just make it easier and click on the link that takes you to 15.1 above the “72 thoughts on site downtime/slow” :3

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