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Sorry for the site downtime. I thought this site was pretty small, but apparently it’s big enough to overload the small server I’m on, and they suspended me. If this keeps up, I might just move back to the free-hosted wordpress and not worry about it. I’ll give it a few months. Sorry for the back and forth guys.

EDIT: Whelp I switched hosts cause they kept shutting my site down without warning and that was really annoying. I also got rid of the bulky new comment system (which I’m 99% sure was the source of all my woes). The downside is that the last backup of my site I made was apparently March 5th, so I’ve lost all comments/edits/changes to the site from since then. What a waste of time.

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74 thoughts on “Site Downtime/Slow

  1. Silent reader here!! I rarely post comments, but I thank you for translating QOD (☆^ー^☆) Can’t believe it’s the last arc already ;( and I’m totally not stopping by every hour to see if arc 15 has come out yet since 3/6/18 ┌╏ º □ º ╏┐ but I hope you’re doing well; fighting!!

  2. I’m getting worried here. Kez-sama, are you alright? Did so nothing happened. I cannot helped it, but my brain keep supplying me with the worst case scenario….
    God I hope you’re alright….

  3. See you when we see you Kez-sama!!!!
    I maybe sad today because I didn’t see an update but I will wait – just be hale and happy OK?!?!?!

  4. I’m refreshing this site every 5 mins. I’m honestly going crazy at this point 🙇

    1. Ur not alone my dear friend.

      I am about to have withdrawal symptom over this!!!
      My daily dose of bl, as fujoshi, I am about, to, have, break, down!!!

    2. not alone there. m pretty sure we are the sole cause if something happened to the site caused by frequent visit/traffic .

      1. Hey fellow B-L-ievers, Are you guys OK?

        Let’s just – augh! – wait Kez-sama – P-A_T_I_E_N_T_L_Y….

        After this – we’ll get a new world to gorge upon and a stronger Dao of Waiting for Author-sama to Update….

        (As it is – we do not have a choice – unless we enter the path of reading raws.)

        This comment feels like I’m trying to comfort myself…. -_-”
        Kez-sama – please be safe and sound and post soon…!!!!
        EVERYBODY and his/her fellow rotten comrade is here –

  5. What you guys haven’t realized is that she said Monday on the 1rst April, teehee.

  6. Kez, are you ok?
    You get back safely, right?
    Just say something so we know that evrything is fine. It’s very worrisome if there’s no info at all.
    If yesterday announcement was for april’s fool, we totally get it. Just make sure that you are fine.

    1. I know right? But we are living in the future, compared to the rest of the world, so we must wait… we don’t have any other choice but to wait. And become stalkers.

  7. Is it this Monday or the next Monday?
    Which Monday do we waiting for?
        ヽ\  //
           _, ,_ 。
        ゚  (`Д´)っ ゚

  8. Today is monday and I keep refreshing the page like addicted junkie hoping some miracle update

  9. Omg thank you for the update! *camps*
    And good decision in delaying the epilogue. It’ll be a nightmare if the site crashes down on us. 😱

    Happy Easter!

  10. Chapter 1.10 of IQ IS OUT!! Feed yourselves my babies, so you won’t starve waiting for the main course.

    1. Chapter 1.10 of what? I don’t know what it is supposed to stand for. Obviously not for Intelligence Quotient

      1. I believe it was “I’m Scattering IQ to the Protagonist”

        I must say that it was quite a good story cos the MC is also wicked (I still love our sheng sheng/yun sheng more thou XD)

  11. Thanks for informing us. I want to be able to read things in one go so see me in two weeks, unless I break and read arc 15.

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