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Sorry for the site downtime. I thought this site was pretty small, but apparently it’s big enough to overload the small server I’m on, and they suspended me. If this keeps up, I might just move back to the free-hosted wordpress and not worry about it. I’ll give it a few months. Sorry for the back and forth guys.

EDIT: Whelp I switched hosts cause they kept shutting my site down without warning and that was really annoying. I also got rid of the bulky new comment system (which I’m 99% sure was the source of all my woes). The downside is that the last backup of my site I made was apparently March 5th, so I’ve lost all comments/edits/changes to the site from since then. What a waste of time.

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74 thoughts on “Site Downtime/Slow

  1. Does anyone know if arc 15 will be updated along with the last few eight chapters? If it is, then I don’t mind if the mass update is late a few days.

  2. Just finished rereading the music king arc but the anticipation for this new arc has kept me awake for days. I know its wrong but we must kidnap Kez and force them to release.٩(๑`н´๑)۶ I’m sorry, i’m just a little on edge pls forgive this young-in. _| ̄|○

  3. Captains Log #33: It’s been over a month since the last supply drop. Are meng levels are low and the fujoshi/fundanshi are slowly losing there sanity. If someone’s out there please call for help. All we can do now is pray, pray that we can survive until help arrives.

    1. Wife’s Journal Entry #62: It’s been two months since my husbands been in charge of the kids while I’ve been on vacation and he seems to be getting worse. A month ago during our video call I heard him mumbling to himself about needing “more updates”, “sailing ships”, and how “the pirates life is for me”- He’s an accountant, I’m worried. #MyHusbandIsDelusional

      1. Give me your husbands contact and i’ll run some test free of charge. hurhur *lenny*

  4. I’m selling food on the last page (Chapter 14 Extra) if anyone’s interested!
    ヽ( ̄▼ ̄*)ノ<[Hungry Campers Welcomed!]

  5. Phew… at least site now is back up and running.
    I noticed the load time now is much faster than before <3

    Sorry to hear that you had so much problem from the previous host.
    Glad to see this site live again =D

  6. Yeah that scared me. I thought one of my heavy rotten apple comments got me suspended!
    You have no idea how glad I am your sites back online. I kept trying to find ways back to your website- even manually typing in your website address from one of my many screenshots of the comment section (seriously some of the comments on here just makes my day! You guys are hilarious).

  7. Sorry for the double post on your comments, but I just thought of something.

    You are on a new webhost, right? So you don’t know if you will also go over the limits on this new host.

    I know you like to post the entire arc but to avoid problems, this time you could post one chapter per day. This will reduce the server load and might help you not go over the limit of max simultaneous connections (or whatever limit was causing the problem).

  8. Did you get scammed by one of those “unlimited” web hosting plans? FYI, don’t buy those and your website is too large for the small web hosting plans. You ought to buy the medium sized ones at least.

    All paid webhosts have limits.

    “Believe me, every single unlimited hosting provider out there will have its own house rules and server limitations to control their users. These limitations could be in terms of CPU queries, RAM, inodes, number of MySQL databases, number of MySQL database connections, or even FTP uploads – the list goes on.”​

    The same thing happened to me before when I naively believed their “unlimited” BS. When I complained, the web hosting service just pointed to the fine print where it said “we reserve the right to suspend accounts that use too many resources.”

  9. Well, your site is holy land now for all rotten apples. So, lets hope for miracle. Btw. I love you and thank you for the translations. Thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thank you …forever yours anonymous lurker

  10. When i load your site to check for an update and saw your account was suspended it really gave me a fright. I just really love FOD so much, I’m addicted. Thank you kez for sharing this story to us.

  11. Got huge fright there. Thought that the site will be gone forever.

    I’m glad the site is back and hope everything will go smoothly from here on ward.

      1. Understood. Hmm I guess the built-in comment feature will always lighter compared to 3rd party.

  12. Sorry this keeps frustrating you Kez! Just know that we support you and hope you feel better and that situation resolves completely 🙂

  13. Translator-san, please forgive me. I… I… I committed infidelity!
    I happened to start reading everything again when the site went down and while I looked over the Internet if there wasn’t a pdf or something, I found the so-called evil aggregators. I had never used them before, cause I follow NU links, but I had heard of their existence.
    I’m sorry for not being able to whithstand the withdrawal symptoms and being unfaithful. Please, grant me your forgiveness!

  14. So it’s fine now? I got a huge panic when I realized that you got suspended again within seven days.

    Don’t worry about comments being lost. I am more worried that comments will get too much.

    1. I hope it’s fine now. Honestly I was getting frustrated. Let’s see how the next updates goes.

      1. Have you done this?

        ~Go to your wordpress dashboard then click on “Tools” then export your content so you at least have your own backup of your own posts.

        However, whichever hosting you bought should have offered to transfer your website for free. I’ve done that before and the new webhost did all the work. They just mirror the existing site, no manual work needed.

        1. I used a plugin to transfer the site. Much easier. I also have everything up on the free wordpress. Right now I’m trying to fix comments, cause I’m not getting notifications for new comments.

          1. Work hard kez… lot’s lot’s lot’s of rotten fanboys and fangirls for you… new arc please….

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