37 thoughts on “I moved sites

  1. I didn’t even notice the change until I realized that the page was green lol😅😅
    This website is actually nice and more convenient.

  2. This new website is good and all but not all device can “use” this website, because of something internet policy usage…something like that…😭😭😭😭. I can’t read fod on my phone anymore and it’s really tough 😭😭😭😱😱😱it’s just me??😭😭😭😭

  3. Your new site looks really good. But it’s not working for me properly, it’s giving me stablehost when i go to keztranslations.com, but it’s working when i go to post directly.

  4. i cant access your home in mobile, keep linking me to stablehost
    well, im using other way to access the chapter by going directly to one of TOC and check any recent post

  5. The only thing I wish you would add are titles in addition to the story number for the chapters in the table of contents. It is annoying when I am trying to readed on of my favourites and go to the wrong story by mistake. The new site looks good.

  6. Thank GOD the site is back! (( ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ ))
    I almost die without my yun sheng daily dose! I checking the site almost every hours and panicked when the site shows 404 not found!ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ
    I was about to explode out of fear when I cant access the siteヽ(゚□゚\*≡*/゚□゚)ノ

    Thank goodness it’s here :;(∩´﹏`∩);:

  7. I was panicking when suddenly i cant access the site… lol. (*≧艸≦)
    and really…it much more easier to navigate now. Yay!!

  8. Can you please makes some a pdf or ePub for f.o.d? Cause I can’t be online that much so I would love to read it on my e-reader.

  9. For some reason I can’t access the site through mobile. Is anyone else having this problem too? It just leads me to stable host page.

    Edited by Kez

    1. I edited for you.

      It takes a couple hours for the hosts to sort themselves out. It should be good in a couple hours.

  10. The site doesn’t look good on mobile anyone, it just looks like a generic site. I usually always read on mobile, so I am kind of sad. 🙁

  11. I was reading again (I already lost the count of how many time I read the translated chapters) when I pressed to go to the next part and suddenly everything change.

    It took me a while and a mini heart attack to realize I was not an error and indeed was the novel xDU

    1. The same happened to me: I was rereading for the nth time some chapters, and then viola! the blog’s appearance changed!
      Thanks for your hard work! I can access your website just fine in both pc and mobile phone 😉

  12. going to the front homepage, it displayed “stable host welcome to your new website”. I thought your site is gone but i still get the site feeds via wordpress. then checked the link and glad that it still worked.

    1. Sorry for that. I switched hosting companies incorrectly and screwed things up. I guess one of the downsides of managing your own website is the ability to screw things up easily 🙁

  13. Almost had a seizure when I can’t open your sites to reread chapter 5.. 😅😅😅
    For 30 minute my heart go to pieces.. 💔..
    It hurt 😭.. but its okay now.. yay..

  14. when the new site is made, would you mind giving us the link there!! i cannot wait to carry on crunching on FOD translations!!!

    1. It’s moved already. It’s keztranslations.com. It should be redirecting everyone over, but I guess it takes time.

          1. Noticed some links didn’t work when I went back to reread some chapters. For sure 2.6 doesn’t work.

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