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Chapter 13.8

The news of Tengda CEO Fang Zhifei’s arrest soon appeared in the financial and social sections of the major media outlets. Because of ‘Magic World’s previous popularity, and because of Meng Wan’s high-profile show of love after winning the design award, and also because of the two’s ultra-high attractiveness index and legendary character struggle, the public was very concerned about the two’s outcome.

Currently, the couple the citizens once praised as the most talented couple, after the woman was imprisoned because of rape, fraud, slander and other crimes, and the man followed her in not long after, they impressively became the most unethical couple.

However, the attention on the two not only didn’t decline, it soared every day. Many people started asking for the reasons for Fang Zhifei’s arrest, but because the case was still in the trial period, it was inconvenient for the police to disclose information, so they didn’t respond.

Zhou Yun Sheng secretly helped the tax officers crack into the firewall Fang Zhifei set around Tengda’s accounting system, mercilessly pushing Tengda into the pit, then he turned around and used one of the case investigators’ microblogs to spread the video and audio, the title- Everyone, please look at the true beast in human clothing.

In a few minutes, the number of forwards was over ten thousand. The masses were very indignant at this. Before, in their hearts, Fang Zhifei was just the shameless spokesperson for his family of three, but now, he became a vicious and sinister beast, the blogger’s title really wasn’t exaggerated.

The Fang father and son pair really proved themselves to be of the same stock, the father cheated marriage to cheat money, and the son was even more exaggerated, trying to bankrupt and render the Zhou family homeless. How can they sleep at night after what they did to dredge up money from Zhou family? How could they be so self-assured about framing Zhou Yun Sheng? What did Zhou family owe them? They simply don’t have any moral bottom line or consciousness of the law!

Fang Zhifei’s ‘If you’re not caught it’s not a crime’ became the internet’s favorite phrase. Currently, the whole nation was on crackdown, so when this sentence started appearing on the network too frequently, giving off a very vile influence, it alarmed the Public Security Bureau. The Public Security Bureau specifically called in to request that the case be handled strictly.

And the investigator whose microblog was used to release the video and audio was dismissed for leaking evidence. He repeatedly pleaded innocence, saying that he was not the one who’d posted them on his microblog, and begged the organization to help investigate. The network police didn’t find traces of a hacker after the investigation, and he was firmly dismissed.

Seeing the notice of the officer’s suspension of duties posted on the official website, Zhou Yun Sheng lifted an eyebrow and smiled.

“You have something against him?” Yi Zheng glanced at his lover’s laptop.

“We have some enmity from a past life.”

Zhou Yun Sheng closed his eyes, once again recalling that scene from the last life. It was this police officer who was sent by Fang Zhifei to receive Zhou mother’s 2 million. After receiving evidence of Zhou mother’s bribery he immediately turned it over, resulting in Zhou mother getting arrested. Afterwards, he not only received a lot of benefits from Fang Zhifei, he received recognition from his boss because of his commitment to integrity, afterwards, his career progressed very smoothly.

Zhou Yun Sheng had sworn to himself, he’d never show mercy to any of the people who’d made him, made Zhou family, fall into perdition. This police officer was naturally one of them.

Yi Zheng didn’t know what his lover was thinking about, but he felt his angry mood, and sympathetically rubbed the top of his hair. The business car stopped in front of the courthouse’s gate, the two stepped out and walked into the courthouse, each holding one hand of a small mask-wearing girl, Zhou mother following behind them, expressions relaxed. Seeing the squatting reporters keeping watch, they nodded slightly and greeted.

The reporters wanted to rush them for an interview, but they were immediately pushed back by the bodyguards, and could only helplessly watch the group enter the courtroom. Today was Fang Zhifei’s trial.

Fang Kunpeng and his mistress sat in the left side of the gallery, holding hands, murmuring with their foreheads pressed together, they seemed to be in prayer. Zhou mother walked to the right side of the gallery and sat down, then sneered, “It’s no use praying, telling Fang Zhifei’s sins to God will just pollute God’s ears.”

“You’re going too far!” The mistress opened in tears.

Fang Kunpeng hugged her protectively, then glared at the bored looking Zhou Yun Sheng and snapped, “Fang Zhifei told me that the audio was synthesized by that hacker you hired, it’s fake, there’s absolutely no way it’ll get through the police’s inspection. I’ll report you to the police as soon as he’s released!”

“That’s fine, then we’ll have this conversation after he’s acquitted and released.” Zhou Yun Sheng walked up to Fang Kunpeng’s side and looked at him condescendingly, enunciating, “In fact, you know more than anyone else what kind of person Fang Zhifei is. He had Meng Wan set me up, you’ve always known what he’s done, that’s why you were so shocked when I got released. Fang Zhifei has always been your only son, when you weren’t ignoring me, you only showed me contempt. But you know, I still want to thank you.”

The people who came to watch the rich people drama show were especially interested in his words, straining their ears.

“I want to thank you for sneaking into Zhou family by pretending to be pious. You’ve always shown your most honest, selfless and talented side in front of me, unconsciously influencing me to become a kindhearted and good man, to understand the things I should and shouldn’t do, to know how to reach out my hand to help those in need.”

“You always said that the best way to educate is by teaching with words and setting examples, I think this phrase is very reasonable. When you were with your secret side family, you didn’t need to disguise yourself, you leisurely exposed your true face, so Fang Zhifei only had this example to follow. He inherited all the darkest and filthiest sides you hid away in front of me. Fang Zhifei’s outcome today is not the responsibility of anyone else but you. You used two different methods to raise two different sons, and they had two different endings. Why don’t you reflect on that?”

He paused, then sincerely said, “So I want to thank you for leaving me all your positivity, this is the best gift you’ve given me.” The words fell and he bowed slightly, then went back to the right side of the gallery, his manners couldn’t be more elegant.

Zhou mother’s eyes were full of tears, she quietly sat beside her son and reassuringly patted his back.

At this point, the judge was already sitting on the podium, the prosecutors and defense were in their positions, and the gallery seats were almost full. When they heard these words, the spectators were the first to clap, their expressions moved.

The Judge secretly appreciated Zhou Yun Sheng’s honesty, but he still knocked the mallet to quiet the crowd.

Fang Kunpeng woodenly stood in place, until his mistress tugged his sleeve and he slumped into his sit. He thought of himself in Zhou family, he always disguised himself as a noble scholar, and he would severely reprimand Zhou Yun Sheng whenever he made a minor mistake, even using corporal punishment. When punishing him, he never treated it as being for the child’s good, he just wanted to see his miserable expression.

But whenever he went back to his second home, he would completely relax, and even used his most colorful vocabulary to curse Zhou Tang and Zhou mother, to vent his dissatisfaction and anger. He often called his son over and told him that if he really wanted something, he should get it by any means necessary.

He never thought about how such different attitudes would impact his two sons. At this moment, there was suddenly a feeling of waking up from a long dream. His self-righteous torture and indifference with Zhou Yun Sheng had just pushed him onto the right path, while his pampering and tolerance with Fang Zhifei had just helped him take the initiative to jump into the abyss.

The one who really harmed Fang Zhifei was himself! Educator, how could he be worthy of calling himself an educator? Fang Kunpeng forcefully pinched his hand to stop himself from fainting on the spot. His expression was gray and dejected, he looked like he had instantly aged ten years.

“It’ll be alright, Fang Zhifei said the audio is fake. The police will be able to test it out, so we’ll certainly win this case.” The mistress comfortingly patted his back.

Fang Zhifei was escorted to the defendant seat in handcuffs, he first glanced at Fang Kunpeng and his mother, then glared at Zhou Yun Sheng and Zhou mother with ruthless eyes. He had already had a discussion with his lawyer, making them take the audio to the country’s top forensic lab for testing. If there were traces of artificial synthesis, it wouldn’t escape the experienced staff’s detection.

If he truly said it, how couldn’t he know? After the audio evidence was revoked, the video wouldn’t be enough evidence to confirm his guilt, and he could push it all on Meng Wan.

The prosecution and defense each made a statement, then the evidence was brought out. Fang Zhifei froze in shock- the two audio files were still in the lineup of exhibits, they were not revoked because of fraud. What’s going on here?

“I object! The audio files are fake! They were forged by the hacker Zhou Yun Sheng hired! I never said those words!”

The prosecution immediately produced several lab reports on the audio files’ identification tests, indicating the authenticity of the files, the judge looked at the reports and declared the objection invalid. Then Meng Wan was called to the stand, she verified the authenticity of the audio, and said that she secretly recorded it because she was distrustful of the defendant’s trustworthiness.

“Meng Wan, what nonsense are you spouting?! Are you disregarding your sister’s life?” Fang Zhifei had already lost his senses, even the audience could hear the threat in his words, not to mention the judge.

Meng Wan gave him a contemptuous smile, then waved at the little mask wearing girl sitting next to Zhou mother. She was now more willing to trust in Zhou family’s integrity than trust in Fang family, so when Zhou mother proposed a transaction, she agreed to the terms. Plus the prosecution promised her a shortened sentence for her testimony against Fang Zhifei, so why not. If it wasn’t for Fang Zhifei, would she be in this situation today?

Fang Zhifei only then noticed the curled up little girl, he glared in their direction with eyes full of hatred, then suddenly felt very exhausted, he numbly slumped down into his seat.

A few days later, the court declared that all the charges were established, and sentenced him for 10 years, plus 5 more years and a huge compensation payment for financial fraud and illegal financing. The once highly respected IT industry upstart was reduced to a prisoner, such an unpredictable fate was a cause for sighing.

Tengda’s assets were all frozen, and collapse was only a matter of time. The once all the rage ‘Magic World’ completely disappeared off the internet. Fang Kunpeng was unable to repay his son’s debt, and he and his mistress had to move out of their mansion, leaving with only a few clothes. He wanted to find a second or third rate university to teach, but his face was too recognizable in Y City, even the diploma mills didn’t dare hire him, afraid of drowning in the parents’ complaints.

The two were in desperate conditions, almost resorting to begging, and when they finally found low-rent housing, the creditors came to their door, badly beating them. The road ahead seemed to be paved with endless despair.

Afterwards, Zhou Yun Sheng’s speech in court was eventually passed around, the Chinese people sealed him as ‘The ultimate version of teaching by words and example’, it was a great wake-up call for educating the younger generation. Of course, Zhou Yun Sheng was not a perfect man, but compared with Fang Zhifei, he was obviously nobler.

A complete defeat and fall from grace, people rebelling and friends deserting , death is preferable to living, Zhou Yun Sheng had given everything he had vowed to gift to Fang Zhifei, but he still didn’t feel satisfied.

Fang Zhifei had been sent to Lu Min Shan Prison, the first batch of a new type of prison in China. The prisoners had high autonomy, they could learn a variety of vocational skills, and also attend school online. Of course, this was all carried out under guard supervision.

When he learned that he would go to this prison, Fang Zhifei had almost let out a smile. Limited personal freedom was no big deal for him, as long as he could go online, he was omnipotent.

He was very quiet the first few months, and did nothing to alert the prison guards. After they relaxed their vigilance, he hacked into a few necrotic bank accounts, earning a lot of money. He sent a small part of it to Fang Kunpeng and his mother, and used the other part to bribe the guards to get more online time.

After half a year of searching and probing, he contacted an underworld organization, offering 5 million to buy Zhou Yun Sheng’s life.

“Send pictures and basic information of the prey.” The person he had connected with typed out this line of words.

Fang Zhifei quickly uploaded the photos of Zhou Yun Sheng, just as he was about to press the send button, the screen flashed and suddenly blacked out. His heart slightly trembled, he was about to restart the computer to find the problem, when the screen shockingly lit up by itself. Zhou Yun Sheng’s peach eyes narrowed slightly as he gave him a once over.

“5 million, my life is only worth 5 million?” The man’s distinct, ice cold voice drilled into his eardrum, like an invisible awl.

Fang Zhifei immediately put on his headphones, so others couldn’t hear the conversation.

“Freeze, I’m the Messenger of Justice, you’ve been arrested for solicitation to commit murder!” Zhou Yun Sheng took out a small green water gun and fired it at the computer screen, using a voice changer to make his mature voice sound like a little child’s.

Fang Zhifei couldn’t help but cover his face, his skin felt bitingly cold, as if he was really shot by cold water. On the other side of the screen, a tall man walked up to Zhou Yun Sheng and smiled slightly, murmuring ‘too naughty’ in a sexy voice, he also reached his hand into Zhou Yun Sheng’s shirt, caressing his chest, printing kisses up his neck.

“Stop it, let me tidy up Fang Zhifei first.” Zhou Yun Sheng slapped away the man’s head, his smile vicious.

Fang Zhifei’s eyes widened as he recognized the man. It turned out to be Yi Zheng, he and Zhou Yun Sheng were actually a couple, no wonder he was willing to invest millions to save ZHOU. After ZHOU’s incident, he came out to buy up their stock in bulk, the two must’ve known each other for a while, and their relationship was not shallow. He’d bought out so many of ZHOU Tech’s veterans, and also sent his girlfriend to Zhou Yun Sheng’s side, but he never received any hint of this relationship. Obviously, Zhou Yun Sheng had set up a defense against the people around him a long time ago. He was not a moron, on the contrary, he was frightfully quick-minded!

The two games’ art style was that same as the 3D toddler, and now, Zhou Yun Sheng had not only intercepted his signal, he also took out a familiar water pistol and child voice, his true identity was self-evident.

Fang Zhifei would’ve never guessed it even if his life depended on it, Zhou Yun Sheng was a hacker, and his skill was far beyond his own, beyond any contemporaries. No wonder he could conceal the people who created ‘Shattered Heaven Zhu Xian’ and ‘Star Warfare’, no wonder he could create a seamless fake audio of him and Meng Wan.

I lost, I thoroughly lost! Fang Zhifei clenched his teeth, barely suppressing a sorrowful howl.

Zhou Yun Sheng fired two shots at the screen again, and slovenly warned, “Fang.Zhi.fei, the Messenger of Justice is always watching you, don’t do illegal things.”

The computer screen suddenly started buzzing loudly, and leaking electricity. If the guards hadn’t promptly beaten Fang Zhifei with their batons to stop him from pounding the computer keyboard, Fang Zhifei would’ve been electrocuted. Afterwards, the guards checked the computer, but simply couldn’t find any abnormalities.

A hacker can use his skill to do remote damage to a computer, and even kill, Zhou Yun Sheng’s strength was already beyond Fang Zhifei’s imagination. He originally thought he was omnipotent when he was online, but there was someone out there who was basically the online God, deciding a person’s life and death with a click of a button.

Fang Zhifei only now realized what kind of terrible mistake it was to make Zhou Yun Sheng his enemy. If Zhou Yun Sheng really wanted him dead, he would’ve already died a few hundred times. But he hadn’t killed him, he had hid in the dark, teasing him like he was an insignificant toy solider, watching him march towards his death trap, oblivious.

He must’ve laughed at and ridiculed his useless self-confidence behind his back countless times, in his view, he must be a downright fool.

The more Fang Zhifei speculated, the more he felt intense embarrassment and frustration. When he turned on the computer the next day, he found that his hands were trembling uncontrollably, he couldn’t even operate the mouse properly.

His self-confidence finally completely collapsed, he felt crushing defeat, and apart from resentment, he also felt deeply fearful of Zhou Yun Sheng.

At this time, Zhou Yun Sheng was finally satisfied. He could’ve just synthesized the video and audio and put it up on the Internet after he was framed, getting him out of the way early, but he hadn’t. He chose another seemingly clumsy but effective method, the waiting, the plotting, it was all for today.

Of course, KO-ing your opponent in the first round was very refreshing, but that didn’t meet Zhou Yun Sheng’s revenge aesthetics. He enjoyed kicking them into the abyss of despair at the moment they felt most successful, and also using the fullest extent of his prided skills to severely attack them, leaving them completely without confidence, no longer able to stand back up.

He wanted them to face a complete defeat and fall from grace, people rebelling and friends deserting, death was preferable to living, live every day in endless despair and regret.

To completely destroy their mind, that was Zhou’s Revenge Law’s ultimate form.

Smirking, he sent evidence of Fang Zhifei’s identity as ‘Trojan Horse Massacre’ to the police station. Finally finding the unknown mastermind in ZHOU’s unresolved stolen company secrets case, the police immediately brought Fang Zhifei in for interrogation.

A month later, another 5 years was added to his sentence, and he was transferred to the maximum security prison in the outlying islands. The environment was very harsh, there was only hard labor, and no such thing as online access.

Fang Zhifei only spent two months in torture before wishing for death, whenever he recalled the past, he couldn’t help by weep. Zhou family’s wealth had nothing to do with him, his father and Zhou Fangfang’s marriage was voluntary, his resentment of Zhou family could be called unfounded. If he could’ve just let go of Zhou family, stopped coveting the things that didn’t belong to him, his life would’ve certainly been very satisfactory by now.

But the world didn’t bend to ‘if only’, he had arrived at this stage, and he would never be able to turn back.


His grand hatred sated, Zhou Yun Sheng immediately invited his lover to the hotel where they first meet, ordering red wine and steak.

He fiddled with the small box in his coat pocket one moment, then arranged the bouquet on the table the next, somewhat restless. Hearing familiar footsteps, he quickly stood up, holding up the bouquet.

Yi Zheng was also holding a bouquet of red roses. They looked at each other, their expressions slightly embarrassed.

“Ah, you also bought flowers, let’s exchange.” He took the bouquet from his lover’s hands, then stuffed his own in his.

A few nearby table guests let out amicable chuckles.

“Two hearts beat as one.” Zhou Yun Sheng quickly restored his calm, and lowered his head to smell the flowers. There was a piano in the middle of the restaurant, a female pianist was sitting there, seeing Chief Zhou’s hand signal, she immediately started playing “Dream Wedding.”

Yi Zheng guessed what was happening and unconsciously touched his chest pocket, he felt it best if he proposed first.

“I have something to give you.” But in the end, the two said it simultaneously.

Zhou Yun Sheng face palmed, his expression very frustrated. He’d thought he could have a large-scale marriage proposal, and affectionately beg: “Please marry me!” If he said this kind of sentence to a man of steel like Yi Zheng, the refreshing feeling would simply break through the horizon, just imagining it got him hard.

But Yi Zheng was too cunning, he didn’t even give him the chance.

“Don’t feel down, it’s the husband’s (Old Gong) job to propose first.” Yi Zheng pulled his lover’s palm off his forehead, and slowly took out a black velvet box, he smiled, “Baby, please marry me.”

“Accept!” This the extremely excited scream of a fujoshi guest, the rest of the guests just smiled to give their best regards.

Zhou Yun Sheng pulled away his hand and declined, “I’m not hungry anymore, let’s go back and ask my mother, if she doesn’t agree, then I can only say no.” Since his lover rained on his parade, he’d gladly return the favor.

Yi Zheng couldn’t restrain a smile, he nodded repeatedly. The results was when they got back home, before Zhou Yun Sheng could speak, Zhou mother looked at Yi Zheng and asked, “Did the proposal go well?”

Blame Zhou Yun Sheng for his plan being too successful, Zhou mother really thought that her son was impotent, and now abhorred woman after being framed, so she retreated, giving up any future married with children plans. After being secretly brainwashed by Yi Zheng for six months, she actually completely lacked any ill-feelings about accepting the news of the two’s marriage.

Not to mention, Yi Zheng’s kindness had saved ZHOU, and just looking at the way he treated her son, there really was nothing bad to complain about. Zhou mother felt that she would be hard pressed to find a more virtuous daughter-in-law at this level.

Zhou Yun Sheng choked, his peach eyes fiercely raked his lover, then he nodded, “Yes it went well. Mom, let’s hurry up and pack up, we’re heading to the U.S for registration tomorrow.” At this point, there was no need to be argumentative.

“I packed already, you go pack up, I’m cooking dinner.” Zhou mother calmly walked into the kitchen.

Zhou Yun Sheng suddenly jumped onto his lover and bit his high nose. Yi Zheng gripped his firm butt and held him up, his eyes full of bright, crushed starlight.

There was no doubt, this was definitely the happiest day of his life.



Dream Wedding- Dream Wedding by Richard Clayderman

Yup, I worked double time to get this out.

Next Chapter- Zhou Yun Sheng stars in a Korean Drama.

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            P.S If you want to discuss about good novels to read, you can find me on Wattpad – my username there is the same as the one I use here – Sakura Natsume. I really enjoy talking with you! (And this is quite inconvenient)

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