FOD Chap 12.9


Chapter 12.9

Zhou Yun Sheng was hunted down by all the major forces, but the sect didn’t come rescue him, now that he’d finally escaped, the Sect Leader and elders were blocking the front gate, saying with certainty that he cultivated some “Muddy Heaven, Refine Devil Heart Sutra” method. So they say, but their real goal was the Kunlun mirror in his hands.

Zhou Yun Sheng had no sentimental feelings for Promise Immortal Sect, and now that they had pissed him off, his retaliation was naturally very ruthless. When he’d visited the Great Fog Border for experience all those years ago, he’d stored all of the Devil Realm’s Poisonous Miasma Land’s poisonous miasma in his black hole until nothing was left. Afraid of being mistaken for a devil cultivator, he’d never put it to use.

But now, he didn’t have to worry about that. Since they had decided that he was a devil cultivator, then he’d simply confess to the crime, all his previously reserved techniques could now be exposed.

He briefly glanced around and found that all those who had come to trap him were the sect’s Huashen Qi or higher level masters, only a few Yuanying disciples stood in the rear, Song Yufei among them.

Even surrounded by the thick fog, these people still earnestly and patiently persuaded, “Junior brother, you should turn over the Kunlun mirror to the sect, then destroy that cultivation method. The Sect Leader and the elders will naturally leave you your life, why must we go to the point of battle.”

Zhou Yun Sheng could only use a bitter laugh to respond to them, he prompted the black hole in his dantian, absorbing their spiritual power through the fog, making the power of the poison miasma grow even stronger.

Chi Xiao Zhenren, the elders and the peak masters found themselves standing on pure black earth, which was emitting the rancid smell of poison fog, his expression suddenly changed.

“This is the Devil Realm’s poisonous miasma, it’s true, Fang Xinghai really is a devil cultivator!”

“Zong Yi’s not here, today we must clean up the sect on his behalf. When he returns, he certainly will not say anything about it.”

“Fang Xinghai, surrender the Kunlun mirror and we can still give you a happy outcome, otherwise we have no choice but to force you in Dark Peak to become a puppet!”

Zhou Yun Sheng took a Soul Melt Pill out from his heaven and earth ring, crushed it into the fog, and gave them a cold smile, “Just straightforwardly say you want to take the Kunlun mirror, you don’t have to look for such righteous sounding motives. Originally, I truly hadn’t cultivated any devil method, but since spilt sewage can never be truly clean, today I might as well turn this place into a slaughter house!”

The original Devil Realm’s poisonous miasma could already corrode a cultivator’s body and devour their Yuanshen, but only at a fairly slow pace. The Soul Melt Pill’s poisoning effect and the poisonous miasma were the same, they were both slow affecting, but if the two were superimposed, it was not something ordinary people could bear. Zhou Yun Sheng’s extra poisonous miasma and hallucinogenic fog integrated, producing many demons and monsters, immediately followed by his release of the 9×9 Heavenly Tribulations, which were conducted and spread through the black fog, resulting in the sect turning into an all-black, no daylight destruction field.

He used all kinds of magic attacks to crush these people, so he could quickly flee when they were crushed into confusion. Remember, he was now a mere Yuanying Qi cultivator, and he could no longer call down a lucky lighting tribulation, the fight couldn’t drag on.

Chi Xiao Zhenren and the elders were caught unprepared by his attack and were suddenly in a very difficult situation.

In order to take advantage of the confusion to escape, Zhou Yun Sheng could only abandon the poisonous miasma. He borrowed the cover of the black fog to flee toward the sect’s outer gate, but at some unknown time, he stepped over a seal and was mercilessly bounced back. The Kunlun mirror in his heaven and earth ring chose this moment to emit an egregiously sharp buzzing sound, trying to crack open the space to fly out.

Zhou Yun Sheng guessed that it was answering to Song Yufei’s summons, wanting to return to its owner’s side. The sky was currently shrouded by black fog, who would see where the Kunlun mirror flew off to. With its whereabouts unknown, Grand Heaven World’s cultivators would naturally continue relentlessly chasing him until they killed him, then thoroughly search all his belongings for it before agreeing to give up.

Even so, even if this thing is useless garbage, I’d already decided to keep it, how can I let you exploit me free of charge like this? Zhou Yun Sheng sneered, took out a few sheets of Zong Yi’s Confinement Talismans and layered them upon the heaven and earth ring.

If the Kunlun mirror hadn’t been damaged by the 9×9 Heavenly Tribulations, it could easily open the heaven and earth ring’s barrier, but currently, its magical powers were greatly reduced, so after hitting the barrier a few times without success, it could only stay in place, continuously emitting a buzzing sound, as if in protest.

Zhou Yun Sheng ignored it, changed direction to another exit, but was once again bounced back. He repeated it several times before he realized, these confinement arrays had been laid out a long time ago, they had simply been waiting for him to come back to the sect and walk right into a trap.

Evidently, they hadn’t seen him absorbing that 5th Tribulation Loose Immortal and spontaneously decided to kill him, this was premeditated.

The number one immortal sect, such a prestigious righteous sect! Zhou Yun Sheng clenched his teeth and sneered, took out the highly poisonous medicinal pill Zong Yi had gifted to him, and crushed it into the fog.

He’d just finished crushing it when he heard the loud sound of rushing wind, Chi Xiao Zhenren and the elders, the peak masters all withdrawing from within the array. Each standing in a corresponding position, they started pouring spiritual power into the eye of the array. To clean up a Yuanying Qi child, they shouldn’t have had to use the sect’s secret technique, Black Heaven Inferno spell, it should’ve only required a peak master to come out and kill him. But the news that Fang Xinghai had the power to kill one-third of Grand Heaven World’s masters had spread out, so they’d planned ahead with this grand spell, and now they wanted to rejoice at their foresight.

The other party was really Zong Yi’s disciple, his methods were very dreadful.

Dark red flame rose along the spell’s pattern, instantly, the temperature raised to a degree ordinary people couldn’t imagine, even the Grand Supreme Elder Lord’s alchemy furnace was less hot that this.

The black fog was completely vaporized, the lighting tribulations also gradually dispersed, exposing Zhou Yun Sheng, trapped in the center of the spell. Because the temperature was too high, the air slowly became distorted, which also distorted his bewitching face.

Although his robe was not ordinary, it still couldn’t handle the capable-of-burning-a-Loose-Immortal-to-ashes high temperature, the hems of his robe were charred black.

Chi Xiao Zhenren step forward and coldly said, “Fang Xinghai, if you don’t want to suffer, destroy your cultivation method and hand over the Kunlun mirror, then we may be able to spare you.”

“You don’t have the right to punish me, wait for my master to come back then have this discussion again.” Zhou Yun Sheng took out a higher grade robe and changed into it, immediately feeling refreshed. Zong Yi had made it, so as expected, it was extraordinary.

“Even if your master comes back, he will also not spare you. Do you know how your master’s ancestor died? They died by the hands of the Devil Senior’s descendant disciples, they were also sucked dry, their lifetime cultivation turned to dust. Then your master lifted his sword to destroy the Devil Senior’s sect, cutting off his legacy in Grand Heaven World. You tell me, if he knew that his disciple had actually turned his back on him to cultivate that kind of devil method, how would he deal with it?” An elder faintly opened.

This was also the reason why they now dared clean up the sect on Zong Yi’s behalf.

Zhou Yun Sheng sneered without a word, then sat down and began meditating. Not to mention that he didn’t actually cultivate any devil methods, even if he did, Zong Yi wouldn’t harm him. The depth of their feelings couldn’t be understood by others.

The elders saw him behaving stubbornly and immediately injected more spiritual energy to stir up the Black Heaven fire, when Fang Xinghai was burned to ashes, everything in his heaven and earth ring would naturally belong to the sect.

Because of this, Song Yufei, hidden in the crowd, felt more anxious. He’d summoned the Kunlun mirror several times, but it hadn’t come back. Now that the fog barrier around the sect had been cleared, it was impossible to call it back again. As soon as Fang Xinghai died, the sect elders would take away the Kunlun mirror and thoroughly hoard it, and getting it back would be innumerably more difficult.

Moreover, if any of the elders, moved by greed, tried to refine the Kunlun mirror, and their cultivation was far above his, they could easily erase his life blood and soul essence, giving him bite back. It was a worse outcome than leaving it with Fang Xinghai, who couldn’t refine the Kunlun mirror since his cultivation base was lower than his.

Song Yufei was more and more anxious, he inwardly cursed himself for being stupid.

“What good is self-blame? If you hadn’t given the Kunlun mirror to Fang Xinghai at that time, the one to be hunted down and roasted by the Black Heaven Inferno would be you. Do you have a few extra lives to help you escape?” The stunning woman in the jade pendant coldly opened.

“But after all, it’s my life-bonded magic artifact, if the elders refine it, I’ll suffer a serious bite back.” Song Yufei’s tone was bitter. He felt that Fang Xinghai had been created just to be his natural enemy, ever since he met Fang Xinghai, nothing ever ended well.

“Relax, I’ll help you get the Kunlun mirror back. Although I only have one immortal soul and one mortal soul left, I’m strong enough to crush the people in this world.” The woman had a haughty expression, then something seemed to cross her mind, she pursed her lips, but didn’t speak again.

Song Yufei was completely rest assured, he sneered at the black clothed man in the sea of ​​fire. Today, this outcome was exactly what he’d wanted for his plan to ‘attack using the strength of another’. If he hadn’t rushed back to the sect and complained to the Sect Leader that Fang Xinghai was cultivating a devil method, where would these people find such a righteous sounding justification to murder and steal treasures?

But that fog was probably not so simple, he needed to be careful. He pondered on one hand and examined his dantian on the other. Seeing that his Yuanying was holding the ‘cure one hundred poisons’ soul ice crystal, and that his whole body had no abnormalities, he finally revealed a relieved expression. Forty years ago, Fang Xinghai had poisoned him to destroy his Gold Core, making him endure the bitter pain of core break down and rebuilding, he had never been able to forget about it.

However, just as he re-called this, a few of the peak masters and elders guarding the eye successively started vomiting blood.

“Soul Melt Pill? This child dares!” An elder roared, his eyes inflamed. Because the medicinal pill was attached to the fog, and the fog was attached to the spiritual energy, everyone had inhaled it into their bodies, but they couldn’t detect that they were already poisoned until the onset of symptoms.

The rest of the peak masters and elders quickly looked inside their dantian and Zifu, found that the inside was filled with ash-black poisonous fog, and immediately pulled out part of the spiritual energy in the spell’s eye, hoping to restrain the Soul Melt Pill’s power.

“This method is so insidious, but you still insist that you’re not a devil cultivator? Today I’ll clean up the sect on Grand Elder’s behalf!” Chi Xiao Zhenren had already harbored a grudge against the Zong Yi master and disciple in the bottom of his heart for a long time, disregarding the poisonous fog in his internal organs, he determinedly poured all the spiritual energy in his body into the spell’s eye, wanting to burn Fang Xinghai to ashes.

Zhou Yun Sheng hooked his lips in a sneer, unafraid. The Loose Immortal he’d killed before had touched the thread of Yuanshen Zong Yi had placed in his body, in no more than half an hour, Zong Yi should return.

There were many defensive magic tools on him, enough to help him survive for this half hour. After pondering a bit, he took out the jade furnace from the heaven and earth ring, and the Black Heaven fire surrounding him was sucked into the furnace, he immediately felt more comfortable.

“Medicine King Furnace!” The stunning woman and First Alchemy Peak’s master shouted in unison, making a cruel light shine in everyone’s eyes.

This was a priceless ancient magic artifact. No wonder Zong Yi could cultivate the alchemist path to chaos level, no wonder he could refine the natural order defying Steal Heaven’s Fortune Pill, it was because he had the Medicine King Furnace in his hands.

At this moment, these so-called righteous sect people all had ‘kill’ on their left cheek and ‘steal treasure’ on their right cheek.

“Change spell.” The elder with the highest cultivation base performed a few hand-seals and the Black Heaven Inferno spell changed into an even more murderous spell, Deity Termination, vowing to take down Fang Xinghai as quickly as possible.

The flames scrambled to climb into the sky, turning from dark red to black, the sensation of burning replaced by bone penetrating cold, the wretched howls of demons and monsters exploded in his mind, taking away Zhou Yun Sheng’s sanity in an instant.

He stretched out his hand, about to claw out his own dantian, when he heard a very familiar voice echo through the void, “Who dares attack my small disciple?” The voice had barely faded before countless black light swords directly penetrated the space barrier, attacking the elders and peak masters guarding the spell’s eye, and also splitting the Deity Termination spell into scattered bits and pieces.

The black fire and miserable howls dissipated, Zhou Yun Sheng looked down at his clawed hand, already pressed up against his dantian, and his expression twisted. He was just about to go on a killing rampage when a tall man suddenly appeared in front of him and pulled him into the arms, repeatedly examining every exposed part of his body.

“Are you okay?” Zong Yi’s voice shook slightly.

“I’ll be alright, luckily you came in time.” Zhou Yun Sheng immediately hugged him back.

“It’s good you’re not hurt, move to the side for now.” Zong Yi pulled his small disciple behind him, raised his arm, producing a gigantic black sword that stretched high into the sky, then slashed. The sharp, unstoppable black light sword cleaved through four Dasheng Qi elders, and hacked the majestic sect in half. The earth couldn’t bear the vast power and shuddered, a large fissure splitting open, extending straight to the Sect Leader’s residence, before stopping in front of Chi Xiao Palace’s gate.

After the loud rumbling noises, there was dust and smoke as far as the eye could see, the elders and peak masters that had surround Zhou Yun Sheng were all split into two halves, even their spirits had failed to escape. The rest of the people were all scared silly, not to mention counterattacking, they couldn’t even stand steadily on their feet. They were people who had carried lighting tribulations, they could naturally perceive the Grand Elder’s formidable might.

He had already cultivated the Shattered Heaven Sword Path to its peak, his whole body could change into a sword and kill the laws of the universe, becoming invincible in the heavens above and earth below.

“Grand Elder, please listen to our explanation!” Chi Xiao Zhenren clutched his bloody, right arm stomp, and spoke with difficulty, “Fang Xinghai cultivates the ‘Muddy Heaven, Refine Devil Heart Sutra’, I was helping you clean up the sect. This matter was personally witnessed by Song Yufei, you can ask him.”

Pushed to the forefront, Song Yufei couldn’t wait to strangle Chi Xiao Zhenren. Can’t handle the Grand Elder so you immediately push out your junior to take the blame, don’t you feel ashamed? His heart was filled with hate, but his expression was neither overbearing nor servile, he relayed the matter of Fang Xinghai sucking dry several powerful people in its entirety again, and also willing volunteered to hand over his memories.

Zong Yi’s eyes slightly squinted, but he didn’t reply.

Zhou Yun Sheng walked up behind him and looped his hands around his lean waist, his cheeks pressed against his wide back, relying on expressing his sincere feelings without words.

Zong Yi’s heart squeezed and burned, he covered his small disciple’s jade white hand with a big palm and affectionately squeezed him.

Song Yufei watched this scene with a nervous heart, he shouted, “Grand Elder, Fang Xinghai has already fallen into the devil path, you, as the pillar of the righteous path, should place righteousness before family. Otherwise, if this matter spreads, will our Promise Immortal Sect have any reputation left?”

“Yufei speaks the truth. Grand Elder, don’t forget how your master died all those years ago. Devil cultivators are evil, sooner or later, that boy will lead you to another catastrophe, all us righteous sect people have to punish him.”

Chi Xiao Zhenren persuaded while using his spiritual energy to try and stop the blood pouring from his stomp arm, but found that using spiritual power on a wound from the Shattered Heaven Sword Path was useless. He immediately recalled that those the Grand Elder had injured had all fallen one after another- Xue Mo ancestor, Yang Ming Loose Immortal, and Xuan Hui Loose Immortal- and his heart palpitated violently.

The Shattered Heaven Sword Path could wipe out heavenly laws, insignificant cultivators were just mole cricket and ants under his sword.

Chi Xiao Zhenren didn’t dare think deeply on it, he increased his efforts to persuade the Grand Elder. Only by pulling the Grand Elder to his side could he possibly ask him to help dispel the sword energy in his wound.

The other surviving elders and peak masters also noticed the terribleness of the Shattered Heaven Sword Path wounds and joined in the lobbying, straightforwardly describing Zhou Yun Sheng as a once in a lifetime, uncontrollable devil, as if in the next moment, he would destroy the entire cultivation world.

“There’s no need to be talkative, I am small Xing’s master, his cultivation method was passed down from me. Since you’ve dismissed him as a devil path cultivator, no matter, we master and disciple will depart from Promise Immortal Sect, fall into the devil path, and embrace the hearsay. If you wish to wipe out the devil path cultivators, just come to the Devil Realm’s Poisonous Miasma Land to find me, I’ll be waiting.” Zong Yi reached out to pull his small disciple into his arms, then slightly flicked his sleeve, transferring the majestic Silent Fire Peak into his heaven and earth ring. Then they rode away on his black sword.

Before leaving, he’d glanced briefly at Song Yufei with a weighty look, a small black light sword condensing in his eye, which he quietly sent into the jade pendant. He had now practiced to point where his entire body was a sword, any part of his body, including his voice and eyes, could be turned into a sword with a thought, killing imperceptibly.

Sure enough Song Yufei hadn’t felt it, standing behind a few senior brothers with a solemn face.

Zong Yi had said his last few words by using his Yuanshen, so all the sects within a radius of 10,000 miles had heard him crystal clear. Just as the sword disappeared, the words he’d carved into the top of the wall with his sword many years ago, ‘Promise Immortal Sect’, exploded outward with a boom, turning into a pile of gravel in one breath. The holy land countless sword cultivators had once yearned for had disappeared.

There was no doubt that with the loss of their Grand Elder, Promise Immortal Sect would also lose its status as Grand Heaven World’s first immortal sect, it would also face suppression from the other great immortal sects.

Chi Xiao Zhenren cold no longer hold back, he coughed out a mouthful of blood. The Grand Elder had left, but why was it necessary to nearly massacre the great elders and peak masters? They were also the cornerstones of the sect. Unfortunately, in order to honorably capture the Kunlun mirror, he had selected the sect entrance as the place to corner Fang Xinghai, so the events that had just occurred had long been passed on to other sects by spies.

Promise Immortal Sect was in danger!

“Go back, and close the gate. Activate the sect’s defense array!” Chi Xiao Zhenren yelled through clenched his teeth.

The Yuanying Qi disciples hadn’t joined the battlefield, so they had all survived, they quickly came forward to help him. One of them stuffed a top grade medicinal pill in his mouth, but saw that his wound not only didn’t heal, even the blood continued pouring, and his expression immediately changed: This wound is weird!

He examined it carefully, but any wound left by the Shattered Heaven sword always pierces the Yuanshen, and continuously spills blood.

Upon seeing this, the despair in Chi Xiao Zhenren’s heart grew thicker. If he had known earlier that the Grand Elder’s indulgence of Fang Xinghai was to the extent of lacking sense, why would he make things difficult for Fang Xinghai? If Song Yufei hadn’t instigated him, how could Promise Immortal Sect have suffered such calamity?

Chi Xiao Zhenren carefully thought, he couldn’t understand how he had let Song Yufei make him do his dirty work. He looked around, but didn’t find Song Yufei’s presence, and knew that he had already escaped. So be it! Forty years ago my daughter was used by your hands, forty years later I was used by your hands, Song Yufei, don’t let Promise Immortal Sect find you!

As for the Grand Elder, it was impossible for Chi Xiao Zhenren to get revenge. Only people who had personally experienced Grand Elder’s sword energy would understand the extent of his strength. Promise Immortal Sect was a colossus, yet he single-handedly wiped it out.

In other words, if the great immortals sects of Grand Heaven World angered him, they would face the end of their legacy and destruction of their sect, unless all the immortal sects banded together to deal with him.

Chi Xiao Zhenren twisted and turned this electric idea in his mind, then promptly sent letters to every major sect. With the Kunlun mirror as bait, presumably no sect would be able to resist.


Zhou Yun Sheng flew southwest to the Devil Realm in Zong Yi’s arms.

Zong Yi had opened his robe and wrapped him in, he softly asked, “Small disciple, since we have already fallen into the devil path, how about we simply change our identities?”

“Change our identities to what? Devil seniors? Devil kings? Devil gods?” Zhou Yun Sheng grinned and asked.

“I mean, change both our status.” Zong Yi leaned over to kiss his small disciple’s cheek, nervousness implicit in his tone.

“What do you want it to be?” Zhou Yun Sheng’s smile softened, his eyes had a trace of tenderness.

“What do you think of Daolu (path companion)?”

“I think it sounds good.”

“Then it’s settled.”

“Ay, it’s settled.”

The two embraced and kissed, until they arrived in the Devil Realm and reluctantly separated. Zong Yi took out Silent Fire Peak and placed it in the center of the poisonous miasma, then slightly flicked his sleeve, conjuring up many red silk and red lanterns, hanging them inside and outside Shattered Heaven Palace.

All the forces of the Devil Realm saw the peak wall engraved with the words ‘Silent Fire Peak’ from a distance, and almost questioned their eye sight. That is the name of the famous, mighty Ding Guang Zhenren’s residence, how can it be here in the Devil Realm?

Soon the spies lurking in Promise Immortal Sect brought back incredible, unbelievable news – Ding Guang Zhenren broke off from Promise Immortal Sect for his small disciple, willingly falling into the devil path! Spoiling a small disciple to this level was not only unheard of, it had never been seen before.

Sure enough, Ding Guang Zhenren was extraordinary, his disciple was really lucky!

All the major forces of the Devil Realm were determined to make friends with Ding Guang Zhenren, but they were afraid that this was temporary, so they decided to wait for a while to see what he did. They had certainly also heard the news that Fang Xinghai had the Kunlun mirror, but with Ding Guang Zhenren protecting him, the devil cultivators who wanted to continue living didn’t dare step forward to provoke him.

After a bath, Zhou Yun Sheng sat cross-legged on the bed covered with a crimson dragon and phoenix brocade quilt, tossing the bronze mirror up and down. The bronze mirror had tried to fly out the window several times, but it was bounced back by the array Zong Yi had set, so it could only emitted a harsh buzzing sound.

Zong Yi draped on a black robe and walked up to the bedside, then he pulled his path companion into his arms for a kiss. After the kisses, he pointed to the bronze mirror and asked, “This is the Kunlun mirror? Why is it broken?”

“It helped me block a few lightning tribulations.” Zhou Yun Sheng grinned.

“It has already recognized someone else as its master, if you want, I can help you erase this person’s life blood and Yuanshen, to re-refine it. Although it’s slightly damaged, it can still block a few more lightning tribulations.”

“No, I don’t want to pick up someone else’s trash. Who cares about a Kunlun mirror, I can’t ascend without it?” Zhou Yun Sheng laughed and mercilessly knocked the bronze mirror against the bed post.

“If that’s the case, let’s just destroy it.” Zong Yi picked up the bronze mirror and threw it into the air, a ray of black light shot out of his fingertips, easily piercing through the mirror’s face. A column of golden light shot out, the unique power belonging to ancient times inside the mirror’s face was vaporized, completely disappearing from heaven and earth.

Zong Yi flicked his sleeve and hung the Kunlun mirror that all the cultivators yearned for day and night on Silent Fire Peak’s outer wall, if someone wanted it, they could climb the cliff surface and take it.

For the next few days, countless devil cultivators hurriedly climbed, only to listlessly leave, clenching their teeth at Zong Yi’s wasteful and violent behavior. But he was able to destroy an ancient magic tool with a sword, wouldn’t killing them be like chopping vegetables? In this way, their fear and reverence of him continued to climb.

Song Yufei, who was hiding in an Immortal Cave at the bottom of a lake, suddenly coughed up blood, his Yuanshen suffering unprecedented damage. He had thought that Zong Yi would help Fang Xinghai re-refine the Kunlun mirror, erasing his Yuanshen and life blood in the mirror. Expecting a bite back, he’d prepared a healing medicinal pill in advance.

But he hadn’t expected the master and disciple to act so unruly, even going so far as to directly destroy a magic artifact. Because of that, he’d received injuries numerous time more serious than his original estimate, without a top grade medicinal pill, he feared that advancing for the next hundred years would be very difficult.

Why does running into that master and disciple always bring disaster? Song Yufei’s heart was filled with dark hate.



Deity Termination- Poor English translation of Zhu Tianshen Sha-諸天神煞陣. I tried to make all the spells and items English to make things easier to read, but sometimes they’re really hard.

Status – 名分, name and identity. Also something to do with Confucius, I think. They change it to Daolu-道侶- path companion, which is the equivalent of marriage in the cultivation word, I think. So, basically that was a proposal, I think.


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It never fails that people are mad when they bring shit to themselves and karma deals with them. He deliberately attached the mirror to Zhou Yun Sheng and got what he deserved. The sect leaders falsely attached mc and then were mad and blamed Song Yufei like come on! Like understand that if you attack you’re going to be attacked back.🗿🤨

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