Chapter 12 Glossary

FOD Chap 11.13
FOD Chap 12.1: Copying Immortal Cultivation


This glossary is a truncated version of a collection of other glossaries that has been adapted for this chapter. These are the sources: Immortal Mountain, Stellar, DE Wiki.


Lianqi- Qi Refining, An initial stage of cultivation which involves absorbing Qi from the natural world and refining it inside the body.

Zhuji – Foundation Building, The stage after Qi Condensation. Once a cultivator’s Qi crosses a certain threshold, they’ll be able to breakthrough to this stage.

Jiedan/Jindan- The stage after Foundation Establishment. It involves forming a Golden Core by using the Dantian as a crucible and the Cultivation Base as raw material.

Yuanying – Nascent Soul, The stage after Core Formation. The Nascent Soul resembles an infant or miniature person and resides in the Dantian, typically sitting in a meditative position.






There is no definite list for these, this is just my guess from the novel.

1-9th Tribulation Loose Immortals- these are Immortals who, for whatever reason, have lost their position or have not been conferred a title/post in the Immortal World.

Human Immortal

Heavenly Immortal/ Luo Heavenly Immortal

Golden Immortal/ Da Luo Jin Immortal

Mysterious Immortal/ Jiutian Mysterious Immortal

Immortal Lord

Immortal Senior

Immortal Emperor



Meridians – the network of vessels/channels in the body through which Qi flows.

Dantian – Refers to the region in the body where a person’s Qi is concentrated.

Spiritual Roots – figuratively, the very foundation (roots) of one’s body and soul. Associated with a person’s innate talent and elemental affinities. The less roots someone has, the easier it is to cultivate. Someone with “fire single spiritual roots” will learn fire spells more quickly and easily than their peers.

Zifu – Violet Palace, Gotten after achieving a lifespan of five hundred years, the core of an Immortal. The cultivators can be said to have truly started their journey to become an Immortal, since establishing the ‘Violet Palace’ is one of the basic foundations of the path of Immortals.

Gold Gore/Jindan –represents the essence and energies of a cultivator’s cultivation.

Yuanying- When the cultivator achieves the Yuanying stage in their cultivation, the Jindan will transform into a Yuanying.

Soul Jade- A small piece of jade that is spiritually connected to a person’s soul. If that person dies, that person’s Soul Jade will crack to symbolize the person’s death.

Yuanshen – primordial spirit / fundamental essence of life. For all intents and purposes, it’s the soul.



qi – the vital energy which exists in all things.

Qi- stage/period.

Spiritual Energy- A type of immaterial energy.

Cultivator – a person who trains in martial & mystical arts, generally in order to become powerful and increase their longevity. Sometimes translated as practitioner or monks.

Devil Cultivators – Wicked cultivators who emulate Devils and seek power by any means necessary. They are often said to follow the Devil Path in opposition to the orthodox Immortal Cultivators

Cultivation Base- the amount or capacity of refined Qi possessed by a cultivator.

Cultivation Method- a mystical art or collection of techniques which cultivators practice in order to cultivate.

Alchemy – the refining of plants, minerals, and other substances into medicinal pills & elixirs. In these novels, Alchemists are essentially pharmacists who work with magical materials and make miracle drugs.

Pill Furnace – the tools alchemists use to produce medicinal pills & elixirs.

Medicinal Pills – miracle drugs which can have all sorts of effects. Often taken to boost cultivation, heal wounds, cure poisons, purify or strengthen the body, and more.

Spiritual Herb – A magic plant which has absorbed spiritual energy from the natural world and is highly sought after by both cultivators and alchemists alike. Usually either eaten to absorb the spiritual energy it contains or refined into medicinal pills.

Flying Sword- a magic sword which can fly through the air and can be directed to engage in long-range attacks. In some novels, cultivators stand atop their flying swords and ride them as a form of transportation.

Talisman – A strip of paper with mystical diagrams & calligraphy drawn on it. In these novels, they’re essentially consumable spells.

Heavenly Tribulations – a trial encountered by cultivators at key points in their cultivation, which they must resist and ultimately transcend. The Heavens will send down tribulations to oppress high-level cultivators who make progress towards Immortality, often right when they enter a new cultivation stage. This typically takes the form of a lightning storm, with extraordinarily powerful bolts of lightning raining down from the Heavens to strike at the cultivator.

Arrays- magic circles which cast a continuous area-of-effect spell on the location the array encompasses.

Seal/ban – spells which form a barrier around a location or act to seal/suppress a person or object.

Immortal’s Cave – The abode of a cultivator. Often high up in the mountains in a cave where spiritual energy is abundant.

Fairy- a term used to describe a woman of otherworldly beauty.

Light Swords- A dazzling, powerful energy attack released from the edge of a blade.

Spiritual Awareness- A technique by which a person uses his spiritual powers to sense, in an attempt to seek out knowledge of either another person’s level of spiritual power, or the spiritual energy within a targeted area.

Chapter 12.1

FOD Chap 11.13
FOD Chap 12.1: Copying Immortal Cultivation
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  1. The loose tribulation immortals are actually very diffrent from what you think. when one acends to being immortal they have a tribulation. if one fails the tribulation but does not die then they will become loose or false immortals. they tecnically are immortal but they will as they age have tribulations which will aim to kill them. if they survive a tribulation then they will keep on existing and rise a level a.k.a a 7th level loose immortal has survived 7 tribulations including the original one where they fail but survived. after if they reach the ninth level they will be given the chance to once again attempt to acend to being a true immortal. btw what i mean by failing the tribulation but surviving it means that their human body was destroyed but the Nascent Soul survives or they where unable to stand the lightning so instead advoided it.

  2. I miss the times where ZYS was still in a normal world, no magic, just simple human problems…hayst…I miss the s-class world. T_T A-class world is such a pain in the ass world, I dont want ZYS to suffer anymore haha XD

    1. same TT-TT imo, the 2nd world was the best, it was so human and relatable, with human greed, ego, selfishness, and blindness being the catalyst to MC’s body’s death. and I loved that ZYS got a painter-apprentice/adopted-son

      but in the last few arcs, the world’s are getting more and more complicated, and ZYS is always getting his soul hurt QAQ
      honestly, in the last few, the zombie apocalypse is the only one i 100% enjoyed

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