FOD Chapter 10.9


Chapter 10.9

By the time the passion was over, Zhou Yun Sheng’s heart had almost collapsed. He was pounded by a man without even seeing their face, and he even enjoyed it, he felt shame just from remembering his moans.

Brainless Sheng was still experiencing the aftertaste of climax, he laid limp in the man’s arms, trembling like a dying fish. The man seemed to find that very cute, he chuckled pleasantly and caressed his body, inch by inch, with a large palm. The gentle and meticulous action was like touching a priceless treasure.

Rational Sheng was holding his head, holed up in the dark sea of his subconscious, his nerves twitching in pain. He wanted to take an AK47 and pump Brainless Sheng full of holes. This was the first time he’d ever felt like killing himself. He couldn’t imagine what kind of expression his real love would make when he met him. But he knew, with that man’s overbearing character, he absolutely wouldn’t accept competing in a harem.

Look how big a mess you’ve made! You’ve ruined my love! Rational Sheng realized that he shouldn’t call his other half Brainless Sheng, he should rename him Crazy Sheng. Because everything Brainless Sheng did was enough to drive him crazy.

Brainless Sheng trembled in fear and quickly clung to the Father’s waist. He wanted to look up at the Father’s face, but the Father covered his eyes and pressed him into his chest.

The Light God wanted to be affectionate with his Little Believer, he wanted to give him a lingering kiss, but the aftertaste of passion had not yet receded, so his eyes were still pure black, hinting with dark power. He didn’t want to scare the Little Believer.

The boy was very well-behaved, he no longer tried to look up, but his hands tentatively reached out to stroke the Father’s smooth chest. His flushed red face not only didn’t lighten, it became more hot and bright.

“Embarrassed?” The Light God lovingly rubbed his swollen lips.

Rational Sheng was about to mentally collapse so he locked himself in the subconscious and played dead, Brainless Sheng was completely in control of the body. He quickly buried his red face in the Father’s chest, his eyelashes tickling the Father’s sensitive skin.
The Light God groaned, the hand covering the boy’s eyes tightened, and the other hand grabbed his jaw to fiercely kiss him. His love for the Little Believer was so warm, crazy, and addicting, he was reluctant to separate from him for even one minute. The passion had just ended, but his desire for him was deeper than before.

Zhou Yun Sheng opened his mouth, responding with no reservations, after ten minutes, the romantic kiss finally ended. The Light God asked in a husky voice, “Baby, will you come back to the spirit world with me?”

Brainless Sheng had just nodded in promise, when Rational Sheng immediately pushed forward and exhausted his efforts to pry open his body’s mouth and say, “No.”

His refusal was too blunt, causing the God of Light’s eyes to slightly darken.

“You don’t want to stay by my side?”

“I want to spread the gospel for you around the continent. Wait until I come back.” Zhou Yun Sheng finished this sentence with great difficulty, then sighed in relief. He knew how much Brainless Sheng was yearning for the Temple of God, but he would never let his fogged mind destroy Joshua’s future. Going to the Temple of God might seem like a supreme opportunity to others, but it would bring endless trouble for Zhou Yun Sheng.

After going, he would likely never be able to get out and be forever imprisoned in this world. What was the difference between that and being the Lord God’s puppet? He never liked letting others control his destiny, and the God of Light was a being that could absolutely do that.

He waited with bated breath, bracing himself for the punishment from the Father for provoking his wrath. But to his surprise, the Light God was still very patient with Brainless Sheng.

He sighed helplessly, then said in a coddling tone, “I know you are still young, you want to see the world. Go, I’ll be waiting for you.”

Rational Sheng finally relaxed. Good, he’d bought himself a little time, he hoped he could think of a way to get rid of the Light God on his travels.

Brainless Sheng took advantage of his relaxing to grab control, he asked hopefully, “Then, then will you look at me from heaven? Will … …” He hesitated for a moment, then looked up to gauge the Father’s mood from his expression, but the Father’s hand pressed over his head, so he had to hang his head. He opened in a depressed tone, “Will you come meet me when I call you? I miss you every day, no, I should say that I miss you all the time, but I also have a mission to complete, can you understand?”

The boy’s tongue was too sweet, every word he said could make the Light God happy. He really wanted to always keep him within arm’s reach, but he couldn’t bear to imprison him, so he bent over to kiss his soft hair and sighed, “Of course, as long as you call me, I’ll immediately come to you. I miss you every minute of the day too, even when you’re in my arms, I still think about you.”

This dialogue would make any god who heard it terrified. They absolutely would never imagine that the cold Light God could be so good at sweet talk.

Zhou Yun Sheng smiled happily, he wrapped his arms around the Father’s waist and rubbed his face into his chest lovingly. The two people stayed in the pool for a long time, reluctant to part. Although it was the first time they met, they got along intimately, like they’d been together for a few thousand years.


The so-called holy pool was only a ceremony place where the royal family and descendants of nobles held there adult baptism, every temple in the mainland had such a pool. The name was symbolic, it didn’t mean that the water inside the pool was golden holy water.

However, when the beam of light finally dispersed, the present people noticed that the ordinary water was now shining light gold under the sunlight, it had turned into true holy water.

It covered the hall with the atmosphere of pure and strong light power. Anyone who bathed in it would feel warm and comfortable, even moved to tears.

They gaped at Priest Joshua, who was standing up in the holy pool and slowly walking down the steps.

The simple white clothing he’d worn had disappeared and had turned into an exceptionally gorgeous robe that was engraved with a golden oracle. The style was exactly the same as the Father’s robe, and the water droplets rolled neatly off it, not destroying its perfection.

His platinum hair had somehow been woven into a thick long braid, hanging down his back, the texture was softer and smoother than oriental silk. His hair was adorned with tiny numerous light stones, and a huge blue gem fell between his eyebrows, complimenting his blue, ocean deep eyes.

His slender wrists and ankles were all fitted with exquisite bracelets, and each step he took issued a crisp and pleasant sound. When he walked by, no one could ignore his presence. Even more shocking was the tall scepter he held in his hands, the rod’s body was engraved with mysterious runes, and the top was inlaid with nine huge light stones, all of which were faintly radiating the vast power of the Light God, causing all the people present to have difficulties breathing.

The Father’s love for the boy extended far beyond the imagination of the King and the nobles. Just by looking at his robe, what he wore on his head, and what he had in his hands, it seemed like the Father had bestowed all the treasures in the world on him.

All the elites fell to the ground, frightened, and called out Joshua’s name in fervent tones. Although Joshua had not yet been ordained as the new Bishop of Sagya Kingdom, the God of Light had crowned him in his own way. Such honor, even if they searched the whole continent, they wouldn’t find anyone as blessed.

Brainless Sheng had retreated into the subconscious to sulk about leaving his Father, so the body was now being controlled by Rational Sheng. He walked on the red carpet with elegant and leisurely steps, his face was extremely calm. He noticed that the Pope, who had recovered from his burns, was standing in the distance and staring at him. His face was slightly distorted, and his eyes were focused on his scepter and robe in greed.

Zhou Yun Sheng hooked up his lips and smiled mockingly.

Since the God of Light had pushed him to the forefront, he could only give up his original plan and fight with the main players. He hadn’t forgotten, before Boel came to Gagor, he’d hooked up with the Dark God, and the Dark God was the God of Light’s rival. When the two gods warred, their subordinates would not be ignored.

He was now standing in the camp of the Light God and was likely already labeled as the ‘Light God’s Achilles heel’ by the Dark God. Spying, seducing, kidnapping, and even assassination attempts would appear one after another.

That didn’t seem so bad, at least it was a challenge. Zhou Yun Sheng thought bitterly while walking to the kneeling Princess Elena’s side.

He would bless her child.

When he reached the end of the red carpet and was about to stoop to hold the child, the white rose petals that were floating with the breeze suddenly all changed color, becoming an overwhelming red tide, the rich aroma was simply suffocating. Additionally, all the unpicked valuable flowers growing in the garden simultaneously bloomed outside their season, the colorful, gorgeous and shocking scenery caused everyone who saw it to tremble in ecstasy.

Zhou Yun Sheng felt moved, he gently chuckled in his heart. The Light God really was Prince Charming, he was really generous in his romantic pursuits, no wonder everyone wanted to hold on to his gold thighs. Just look at Brainless Sheng, after getting hold of this gold thigh, he KO’d two of the main protagonists in front of tens of thousands of people. Fortune favors the fool, it seems this saying was still relevant.

He stood in place to enjoy the scenery for a moment, giving the Light God proper gratitude, then stooped to hold His Highness Anthony.

The little baby was wrapped in infant cloth, his two small hands sticking outside. He was playing with the gem of the pendant hanging around his neck, his eyes wide open in curiosity. His head had only a handful of curly hair, he looked silly and cute. Zhou Yun Sheng was quite fond of children, and his heart was moved by the child after one glance. He stretched out his hand to pinch the small prince’s rosy cheek.

“No!” Elena quickly stopped him, after seeing the priest’s puzzled expression, she frankly explained with a pale face, “The Father doesn’t allow you to touch others. Those who are touched by you, whether intentionally or unintentionally, will be burned by the fire of God. Anthony is too young to bear such a thing.”

Was there such a thing? Since when? He turned to look at the Bishop and his personal maids, the people who regularly had the most contact with him.

The three bowed their heads, revealing nervous and fearful expressions, anyone could see how much suffering they usually had to bear. But they had to bear the punishments, because the word prohibition placed on them made them unable to tell the matter to Joshua. They had to use creative means to avoid touching him or stay as far away from him as possible.

If the Light God’s possessiveness was so strong, how did he manage to share Boel with five other lovers in the original fate? Does that mean that Brainless Sheng’s charm was too small or too big? The Great Lover loved him so much he wanted to monopolize him, or the Great Lover didn’t love him enough to tolerate him taking another lover?

In any case, the original fate had turned chaotic, and Zhou Yun Sheng had to let it continue in chaos.

He wanted to test the God of Light’s indulgence of Brainless Sheng, so he spread out his palm and said, “So that’s how it is, then, I ask the Father to forgive me this once, and to take my hand to deliver a blessing to His Highness Anthony. I want him to peel off the impurities in his meridians and give him a pure spiritual body. Whether he becomes a warrior, a mage, or a priest of light in the future, as long as he has the potential, he’ll become a powerful person. He will be far removed from all scourge, maladies, suffering, and conspiracies, and live a happy and fulfilling life.”

Princess Elena listened in frozen shock, the rest of the people also couldn’t believe their ears. In accordance with established practice, when blessing a newborn, the elders would pray to the Light God and only ask for the child to grow up safe and healthy. They would never dare make such an arrogant request, it could even be called a greedy and rude demand.

“Oh, oh my, it doesn’t need to be that elaborate …” Princess Elena desperately wanted the priest to change it into a more common prayer. Her present fear was too deep to describe.

The King and the crowd of dignitaries were also very apprehensive, they thought that since Joshua was just a child, he’d gotten carried away after receiving a bit of favor. If he didn’t change his greedy and vain temperament, even he might one day suffer the Father’s rejection.

Only the Elder Bishop still stood in place with a flat expression.

Zhou Yun Sheng quietly waited, and a moment later he felt an invisible hand hold his wrist, and a hot flow of energy filled his fingertips, leading him to draw a very complex rune on His Royal Highness Anthony’s forehead.

The rune flashed a bright golden light, then it slowly sunk into Anthony’s skin, eventually disappearing entirely.

What’s going on? The crowd was stunned and confused. They had never seen such scenes at other people’s blessing ceremonies. Did the Father really fulfill Priest Joshua’s request? How much of the request did he grant? If he agreed to everything, then His Royal Highness Anthony would undoubtedly become the happiest person on the continent.

Zhou Yun Sheng silently wrote the rune, then was about to recover his hand from Anthony’s forehead, when he suddenly froze. Someone was sucking on his earlobe, then that someone whispered in his ear, “Baby, I will grant your every request, but only if you give me a bit of your body in exchange.”

Sucking on his earlobe seemed to not be enough, the man also pried open his lips, exploring with his tongue while groping his ass, after not even a drop of saliva was left in his mouth, the man faded away, leaving an ambiguous ‘So sweet’.

You see, this is your Prince Charming! He’s more wretched than a pervert who peeks into the Ladies Room! Zhou Yun Sheng gnashed his teeth, but his expression remained calm. He slowly recovered his fingertips and found that Princess Elena was looking at him with anticipatory eyes, he immediately smiled at her, “The Father loves His Royal Highness Anthony, he’ll be happy.”

This is too vague, say how much happiness the Father will give him! The King and the nobles were trembling in anxiousness. Princess Elena was also curious enough to burst, but she didn’t dare ask, she just reached out to pick up her child.

At this time, there was a loud crack, the red gem on the pendent His Highness Anthony was pinching had unexpectedly split into two halves.

That gem was a precious stone imbued with fire properties to keep the holder impervious to the cold winter, although it was not unbreakable, it certainly couldn’t be crushed by a small baby.

Was it caused by the Father’s wrath?

The King and the Princess were terrified, but Priest Joshua chuckled and smiled, “The little prince must be filled with vindictiveness, he’ll become a mighty warrior in the future.”

“It’s better to test it with an attribute stone.” The Elder Bishop smiled and said.

Immediately, a maid brought in a piece of stone and placed it on Anthony’s palm. The grayish -brown stone turned transparent, followed by orange light, then the light grew more dazzling and deep, until it became a dark orange, almost black.

On the mainland, qualified children could test their physical properties at the age of one. If they had the elements of a mage, the stone would light up to represent metal, plant, water, fire, earth, air, lightning and other elements, corresponding to yellow, green, blue, red, brown, purple and other colors. The deeper the color, the better the child’s qualifications.

If they were a warrior, the attribute stone would emit an orange light, similarly, the deeper the color, the better the qualifications.

It was unheard of on the mainland for an only three month old baby like His Royal Highness Anthony to have such high potential. The Sagya Kingdom nobles grinded their teeth as they exclaimed in their hearts: ‘This is absolutely like compelling the Father to act beyond reason! Being guaranteed the life of a champion, how envious ah! Priest Joshua is too much!’

The King and Princess Elena were ecstatic, and all the nobles were looking at Priest Joshua with strange glowing eyes. More than a few of the princes were anxious to push their children back into their wife’s stomach, so they could be blessed by Priest Joshua on their hundred days.

There was no doubt that with the blessings from Priest Joshua and the Father, even though His Highness Anthony had not yet grown up, he already had a firm hold on the throne.

“Thank you, thank you so much honorable priest! From now on, Elena is your most faithful servant!” Princess Elena knelt down with her son, she didn’t feel that this was detrimental to her distinguished identity. Priest Joshua would surely enter into the spirit world in the future and become a Servant of God, he deserved the highest respect.

Zhou Yun Sheng just smiled without a word, waved to the King who had burst into tears of gratitude, and left.

“I declare that His Highness Anthony will be the Crown Prince of my Sagya Kingdom, and no one can replace him!” The King’s voice echoed with excitement, and the nobles shouted genuine or false congratulations.

The Elder Bishop took the opportunity to take the child from Elena’s arms, and gently rubbed the golden rune on his forehead.

The Pope, who stood isolated in the back of the crowd, stared at Joshua’s departing back with dull eyes. He knew that the Father must have transferred his divine power to Joshua, but why was he so favored? Just because of his looks? Without divine power, with his holy robes decayed, and his scepter cracked, what future could he have in the holy Central Church?

Perhaps he should steal Joshua’s robe and scepter, and also take the numerous light stones strung on his head as a decoration. With them, he would be an omnipotent Pope.

But, the Father must be looking down on Joshua in heaven, and all those who try to hurt him would face the Father’s most severe punishment, it would be almost impossible to snatch something from Joshua’s hands.

No, no maybe one person would be able to do this, that person also had quite a pedigree, Boel Britte. Thinking of this, he walked briskly toward the dungeon, but just as he reached the prison door, the guards rushed out, saw him, and hurriedly reported, “His Holiness the Pope, Boel Britte was rescued, and the other is likely to be a high-ranking demon. Please go take a look, the dungeon’s iron bars were corroded by demon fog, there is now a big hole.”

The Pope was not surprised, he immediately walked into the dungeon.


Zhou Yun Sheng had just entered the front door of his bedroom when he received news of Boel’s successful escape. He didn’t feel surprised, in fact, it was entirely within his expectations.

Boel, after all, was one of the pillars of the world, and he had the most intense destiny. Brainless Sheng snatching away one of his lovers could only be regarded as a blind cat catching a dead mouse. And he didn’t know how long that mouse would stay dead, maybe it would eventually wake up and go back to Boel.

Rational Sheng was worrying, but Brainless Sheng was very happy. He took off his robe and stood in front of the mirror, admiring his body full of love marks.

“Don’t you feel dirty? What’s the difference between your appearance and Boel Britte’s?” Rational Sheng pointed to the person in the mirror and sneered in disgust. His body had been pounded by a strange man, that he could still keep a trace of reason was thanks to his amazing self-control.

“How can I be like Boel Britte? These traces were left by the Father.” The boy’s expression turned from disgust to gloom in one second.

Then it turned back to disgust and he continued, “How are you not the same as Boel Britte? He also served the God of Light, and his time of service was longer than yours. Your precious Father left the exact same marks on him. No, even better, not only on him but on ALL the youths the Light God was so fascinated with that he took them to his side thousands of years ago.”

“Can you imagine them circling around the Light God, taking turns to receive his ‘favor’? Do you think you’re special? No, you’re wrong, you’re just another one of them. When you reach your expiry date, the God of Light will be disgusted with you and abandon you just like Boel Britte. I’m warning you, don’t love too deeply, don’t hurt yourself, because hurting yourself is equal to hurting me!”

He must uncover the coldness hidden under the God of Light’s gentle veil for Brainless Sheng, to prevent himself from being trapped in this space.

Brainless Sheng woke up from his blissful state. He realized that Rational Sheng was right. The Father doted on him, but this doesn’t necessarily mean anything, he’d also doted on many other people. The cruel truth burned his heart with flames.

He clutched his face and cried, weeping and sitting on the ground, talking sporadically, “But, but I really love him! If this love is really the harbinger of destruction, even so, I can’t back down. I’m sorry! I can’t stop! I’m sorry!”

Rational Sheng was stunned, then he roared at the mirror, “What do you mean you can’t stop? Are you shitting me?! You’re me, I’m you, don’t we have pride in our bones? Are you really willing to run around the Light God, wagging your tail like a pet dog for the rest of our lives?”

Brainless Sheng covered his face and shook his head, crying without a word.

In the Ninth Heaven above, the Light God was stunned by this scene. He never knew that for this love, the Little Believer’s heart was bearing such great pain, causing him to use such cruel words to keep himself from drowning, so he wouldn’t lose himself, so he wouldn’t be hurt.

What’s does he mean by the same traces? What does he mean by take turns to receive favor? Who is a pet dog? How could he have such a severe misunderstanding about himself?

The Light God was filled with anger, but when he saw the Little Believer crying his heart out, he felt helpless and tolerant. He rested his head on his hand with a bitter smile, then he slowly faded away from his lounge.

Rational Sheng spared no effort to fight his crazy self, when Zhou Yun Sheng finally felt like he’d given enough of a wakeup call, a warm body suddenly appeared behind him. The man covered his eyes and frantically bit his lips, eager to heal his broken heart.

His eyes were covered with a gold ribbon, then he was picked up by the tough man and tossed onto the bed. The sane him wanted to resist, the crazy him wanted to relax, ultimately, the crazy side gained the upper hand and opened up without reservation.

“Baby, don’t be sad, each of your tears that fall to the ground, is like lava falling on my heart. I’ll use my Godhead to swear to you, I have never wanted anyone but you, and except for you, I have never loved anyone else. Baby, don’t use mirrors to hurt yourself, otherwise, I’ll make all the mirrors in the world disappear. Baby, do you still love me? Are you willing to trust me?” His body was moving in rhythm, while asking for answers for his peace of mind, his pupils covered in darkness.

Falling in love with someone could bring such suffering, he was finally able to understand the feelings the Little Believer had shouted in front of the mirror. Everything was because he loved him too much, so he was too afraid to lose him.

So cute, how can you be so cute? The last trace of anger he’d felt had completely disappeared, the Light God smiled happily, and his urgent actions slowly became tenderer.

“Father, of course I love you, of course I’m willing to trust you. In fact, as long as you speak it, I’ll unconditionally believe it.” Crazy Zhou Yun Sheng would only become crazier under direct impact from the Father, he was so overpowering that Sane Zhou Yun Sheng had no choice but to fall into a temporary hibernation.

He vowed that in the future, he would never use self-hypnosis again. The consequences were too damn scary! When his will was about to sleep, he heard the God of Light say in an affectionate tone, “Baby, I love you too. You’ll never know how much I love you, it’s even deeper than how much you love me.”

Curse this motherfucking, corny ass world! Rational Sheng used his last trace of will to stick up his middle finger.



Harem – NP in the original, it’s a spoilery genre tag like HE- Happy ending etc. It seems to mean Infinite People, aka the male/female lead has multiple ambiguous relationships and encounters with others. It’s mostly used for BL, cause web novels with straight male MC are usually harems by default. The opposite of this is 1V1.

Blind cat catching a dead mouse – blind luck

ZYS is so angry this chapter, Brainless Sheng truly is his worst enemy. He still hates on him for several chapters after this one lol

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