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Chapter 7.7

Six Princes was with Qi Gui Jun for less than a month, but his sallow skin had already become a healthy wheat color. Previously, although he was the same age as Five Princes, he was shorter by a head, but now, he’d grown up to his ears. In a month or two, he would catch up or even surpass him.

Li Xudong’s temperament also changed. In the past, he always shrunk his neck and hung his head, very cowardly, but now, his eyes shined and he always looked up, back straight. His handsome facial features had opened up, revealing a very dignified and arrogant look.

Li Jin Tian also started to pay attention to the other princes, occasionally, he’d visit the royal study to examine the princes’ homework. Because of that, everyone eventually found out that Six Princes’ talent was surprisingly comparable to Five Princes’. Regardless of which book Li Jin Tian asked questions from, he could always answer in an eloquent way, and his opinions often made Li Jin Tian and Teacher feel impressed.

“The Emperor, Six Princes is really remarkable.” The Teacher praised Li Xudong outside the classroom.

Li Jin Tian smiled and nodded, “Qi Gui Jun has taught him well. He was always good at taking care of children.”

Qi Gui Jun has never had a child, what does this sentence mean? The Teacher glanced at the Emperor, surprised.

Li Jin Tian realized that he was thinking of the last life. He waved his hand and gloomily walked away. He was thinking of the last life, when Qi Xiujie had personally educated Twelve Princes into an exceptional ruler. His heart stung at the thought. Twelve Princes could hold up a crumbling empire by himself, his talent would’ve been no less than Five Princes and Six Princes.

If only he was still alive … …

Li Jin Tian wiped his face and covered his bloodshot eyes, full of remorse.

Gao Min eventually learned that Six Princes was outshining Five Princes’ in the imperial study and grew angry. Even though he was busy with the army, he took the time to come back and personally taught the afternoon riding and shooting classes.

“Arms straight, thumbs fastened, spread open your legs, you’re not stable.” He adjusted the position of Six Princes, pointed to the arrow target a 100-meters away and said, “Shoot it.”

Six Princes was obviously suppressed by his strict attitude, he’d broken out in cold sweat, his fingers were also slightly trembling. The bow string loosened, and the arrow flew only a few meters away and landed in the mud, it didn’t even go near the target.

Someone snickered, and Six Princes’ face reddened. He dropped his head, not willing to see Gao Min’s expression.

Gao Min sneered then immediately paced away, but a slightly audible “so weak” drilled into Six Princes’ eardrum. Although Six Princes should be ashamed, his lips were hooked and his eyes were slightly murderous. You can prance around, but sooner or later, I will use a knife to skin you alive, so you can feel the same pain Jun Father felt when you poisoned him!

When the riding and shooting class was over, Five Princes had regained his self-confidence. When he saw that Six Princes had hung his head, he deliberately ran over to comfort him. He told him that his father was offering extra counseling, so he should come over to the Tian Chen Palace to play. The father played the devil, while the son played the angel, the classic carrot and stick, they were skilled at winning over people.

Six Princes put on a grateful expression and walked with Five Princes to the court gate, then he turned towards the Zi Chen Palace, his expression cold. Although Jun Father had told him not to hide, he knew that if he was too good, he would bring a lot of trouble to Jun Father, and he didn’t have the heart to do that. He didn’t want to be protected by Jun Father, he wanted to grow stronger as soon as possible and became his pillar. Currently, he was very weak, but sooner or later, he would be stronger than anyone, including the man on the throne. He was not qualified to be his father.

Zhou Yun Sheng heard the wolf cub’s brisk footsteps, so he got rid of his leisurely expression and put on a serious face. He put down his book and questioned, “I heard you lost face in front of Gao Min today?”

Li Xudong nodded, his cheeks flushed.

“Good-for-nothing, after practicing for half a month you can’t even hit a 100 meter bull’s-eye? Where does all the food you stuff in your wolf belly every day go?” Zhou Yun Sheng walked over to pull his son’s ears.

Li Xudong put on a painful expression, but in fact, he was actually very happy. He liked when his father rebuked him, and even when he pulled his ears with his warm fingers. This was the treasured love between families. Jun Father scolded him and punished him because he loved him, he wanted him to do better. Li Xudong felt very satisfied by this.

Zhou Yun Sheng didn’t know that he had turned his son into a masochist, he let go of his ear and waved his hand, “Come. I’ll teach you archery again.”

Li Xudong quickly ran to keep up.

“Carefully observe my posture.” Zhou Yun Sheng selected a 10-stone bow and easily pulled the string to the full length. 10-stone, when converted, was about 140 pounds, it required great power to hold and fully pull the bow. This was not the first time Qi Gui Jun personally taught Six Princes, but the guards standing nearby always trembled in fear. They couldn’t imagine that Qi Gui Jun’s weak looking body had such terrible power.

However, they had long been reined in by Qi Gui Jun, so they didn’t dare report the matter to the Emperor.

Li Xudong stared at Jun Father with hot eyes. He felt that Jun Father was too charming, just looking at him would render him light-headed.

Zhou Yun Sheng released the bow string and the arrow flew through the air with a sharp whistle. It pierced through the bull’s-eye, leaving only the inches of tail feathers exposed.

Jun Father probably only used a third of his strength, he always held back. In Li Xudong’s speculations, if Zhou Yun Sheng used his full strength and shot again, the new arrow will land in the center of the old arrow, and split it in half. With such superb archery, a 100-meters was an insult of a challenge.

The guards stood up straighter, some of them had witnessed Gao Gui Jun’s archery and had greatly admired him at that time, but now, compared to Qi Gui Jun, Gao Min was less than nothing. Qi Gui Jun was simply too unfathomable.

“Father is very powerful!” Li Xudong ran over and grabbed his arm, his face showing a flattering smile.

“Don’t try to flatter me. Take your bow and start your practice.” Zhou Yun Sheng flicked the wolf cub’s forehead.

Li Xudong nodded and picked up the most common horn bow, and bowed the arrow.

“That posture isn’t right!”

Zhou Yun Sheng stepped forward and corrected him, but after a series of corrections, whenever he turned to leave, Li Xudong would make another mistake. Zhou Yun Sheng, annoyed, had to stay with him to teach him hands-on.

The two’s bodies were tightly pressed against each other and the thin fabric easily conducted their body temperatures. Li Xudong’s body began to heat up, even his blood began to boil. He really liked this close contact, it made him want to rub himself against Jun Father.

“Don’t be nervous, the more nervous you are, the more difficult it is to aim. Relax, follow me and adjust your breathing.” The man’s warm breath hit his earlobe and neck, causing Li Xudong to feel an intolerable itchiness. He tried to adjust his heavy breathing, but his heart just sped up.

In a trance, he released the arrow and barely touched the edge of the target. Zhou Yun Sheng was very dissatisfied, but he also knew that he couldn’t put too much pressure on a child. He backed up a few steps and patted his son’s head, then he said “Good, there’s a little progress. Do you remember the proper posture? Stay here and practice, don’t rest until you shoot four hundred arrows. Add ten more arrows for every one you miss. You, stay and supervise.”

He turned to look at the guards and commanded.

The guards bowed their heads.

Zhou Yun Sheng walked away.

After losing his Jun Father’s warm embrace, Li Xudong’s gentle eyes instantly sharpened. He picked up the 10-stone bow his father had used, fully pulled back the bowstring and aimed towards the target. He let go of the shot, and the arrow whisked into the center of the target, breaking the previous arrow into unrecognizable pieces. Such accurate and ferocious archery, he was not inferior to his father.

The guards were stunned, then they bowed their heads in respect. Although the child behaved like a loyal dog in front of Qi Gui Jun, in private, he was very bloodthirsty, those who angered him feared for their lives. Plus, he was only thirteen years old but was strong enough to use the 10-stone bow, he even played pathetic in from of his father. This father and son were really extraordinary. With these two as enemies, how will Gao Gui Jun and Five Princes fare in the next few years?

Thinking of this, the guards were even more convinced to not betray them.


Gao Min got his wish to go to war, when he departed, Li Jin Tian personally escorted him ten miles outside the palace gate and reluctantly returned to the palace.

Gao Min arrived at the border, and just a few days later he won a battle. When the news was brought back to the capital, all the courtiers were excited, they even praised the Emperor’s wise and unique vision.

Gao Min carried Li Jin Tian’s name outside, the more prestige he won, the more the Emperor was praised. Li Jin Tian had smiled modestly, but his heart was full of anger, panic, and sadness.

If the story progressed the way it was supposed to, in a year or so, Gao Min would deeply invade the border and bring great destruction on West Yi, the army would be governed by him and be indestructible, so his prestige will reach an unprecedented height. At the border, the people only knew about General Gao, they didn’t know the Emperor. And because the Emperor greatly favored General Gao, the border officials would completely surrender to him and fully support Five Princes as the next Emperor.

But currently, Li Jin Tian stilled loved Gao Min, but he didn’t trust him. On the other side, he could no longer love Qi Xiujie, but he trusted him more than anyone else.

What is the importance of love and trust? Zhou Yun Sheng will tell you the truth, trust is more important than love. Feelings are sustained, not by how strong the love is, but how solid the trust is. A deep trust would not be shaken by the outside world, and it was the most powerful support for a relationship.

The original Gao Min had relied on such trust to share the world with Li Jin Tian, but now, their trust had been completely destroyed by Zhou Yun Sheng.

Li Jin Tian was afraid that Gao Min would shake his throne, so he secretly contacted the army’s confidant and made him delay the fodder delivery. When their current fodder couldn’t keep up, the battle would no doubt end in defeat, making Gao Min taste the bitter fruit of failure. Then he would know how comfortable it was to stay by his side.

Zhou Yun Sheng gave a mocking smile after he received the report. The Incapable Ruler really deserved his title. Although he was the Emperor, he treated his own desires more importantly than the nation’s, he would even willingly sacrifice hundreds of thousands of troops just to break Gao Min’s wings. Should he admire him for his dedication to love?

But, Li Jin Tian had miscalculated, because Gao Min not only had the Gao family’s support, he also had the support one more person who deeply loved him and was willing to secretly help- Li Wang.


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