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Chapter 6.6

This was a very heavy song, a belated talk. His father’s love was heavy like a mountain, it always made Ou Zinan feel pressured and unable to move. He was afraid to see his father’s disappointed expression, so he strongly squeezed and forced himself, but that only pushed him into a dreadful predicament that he couldn’t break out from. How can a person who could skillfully play eighteen musical instruments have no musical talent?

It wasn’t until his father passed away that the haze that had blinded him finally lifted, filling him with infinite motivation and courage. He’d poured all his repressed love, depression, helplessness and pain into the song.

All the contradictions, struggling, love, dismay, contained in the song was released by Zhou Yun Sheng’s singing. Unconsciously, many people had burst into tears, and Zhou Yun Sheng, influenced by Ou Zinan’s residual feelings, was choking on his tears, his voice trembled and his fingers finally couldn’t continue moving.

The piano’s sound abruptly stopped, and Zhou Yun Sheng covered his face to hide his tears. Suddenly, Ou Bai Bo’s face surfaced on the huge LED screen. He was holding a camera, pointing the lens at himself, he weakly opened, “My son said he’ll sing a song he wrote especially for me, I’m looking forward to it.”

He shook the camera and aimed it at the handsome young man sitting in front of the piano. The furnishings indicated that here should be Ou’s villa.

The youth was very nervous, he loosened the top two buttons of his shirt, coughed, and slowly said, “This song is called ‘Because Of You’. Dad, I put a lot of what I’ve always wanted to tell in here. You must listen carefully.”

Ou Bai Bo promised, although he was no longer on the screen, his voice held true pleasure and comfort.

In the audience, Lin Siqing’s fans stared open mouthed, their hearts filling with extreme embarrassment. The evidence Lin Siqing submitted to the court was also released on his blog, all the ‘Because Of You’ manuscripts were time stamped, showing that he’d created it after his mentor’s death.

But in the video, Ou Bai Bo was still alive, Ou Zinan had already written the song, and he was also singing it in front of his face. Who was the one who copied? The answer was self-evident. Lin Siqing’s submitted manuscripts proved his own irrefutable guilt.

The rhythm was the same, the song was the same, but the singing stopped half-way. Then, Ou Zinan rested his forehead against the piano, big drops of tears poured onto the black and white keys. He felt pain and despair over his father’s inevitable death.

Ou Bai Bo opened the quilt and slowly staggered to his son’s side. He crouched down next to him, tightly held his hand and said, “Zinan, this song is great, it’s the best song I’ve ever heard in my life. I have something to tell you. ”

“…What?” The young man turned to look at him, his eyes and nose were glowing red, he looked very fragile, but also very cute.

Ou Bai Bo chuckled, “You have never let me down, on the contrary, you are my pride. You are your father’s pride.”

For this affirmation, Ou Zinan had struggled for more than ten years. He couldn’t believe his ears, while he was still shocked, Ou Bai Bo pulled him into his arms, like a small baby, he gentle patted him. Gradually, the firm back patting grew weaker, and finally, it paused. Ou Zinan nervously turned to look at his father, but his father’s eyes were closed and his mouth had a small quiet smile.

He’d died in great satisfaction.

“…. No! Dad! Don’t leave me, please! I’m afraid …”

The piercing cry filled up the pavilion, the desperate despair and pain was like a sharp knife, pushing into the chest and shredding the heart into pieces. Below the stage, the audience felt the pain and sadness. Under the bright lights, tears reflected in their eyes, some were already wailing unstoppably.

The LED screen blanked, Zhou Yun Sheng stood up, went into the beam of light, faced the microphone and slowly said, “That was my father’s dying image. It’s a memory I never wanted to experience again. I was hesitant to take it out, because I didn’t want more people to see him so weak. In my mind, he will always be the most powerful, the most indestructible person.”

At this point, he choked again, then he bowed his head to adjust his breathing. He looked back up and continued, “You can abuse me, deny me, but you can’t deny my father. I won’t let anyone stir his peace in heaven anymore….”

He closed his eyes again, then he opened them up, all his sadness was replaced by anger, his tone was chilled like ice and sharp like a knife, “This song does not need drums, bass, electric guitars, electronic mixing … … it only needs a pure piano accompaniment. This song isn’t a lovelorn song, full of complaints and diseased whining. It’s the requiem I gave to my father. Lin Siqing, when you were changing my lyrics, did you never think of how important the song was to me and my father? You betrayed my trust and tarnished my music, I will never forgive you! Never!”

The man glared into the camera, the big screen displayed his cold and fierce sharp eyes.

The audience was intimidated, they only woke up after he disappeared off the stage, then they looked awkwardly at each other. They were here for revenge for Lin Siqing and Ge Mengshu.

Prior to this, they’d firmly believed that only the talented Lin Siqing could write such a touching song, and only first-class vocalist, Ge Mengshu, could perfectly interpret it. Compared to them, what was Ou Zinan worth? But after the brainwashing from the first crazy 20 songs, they were completely conquered.

Those twenty songs he’d casually sang, all had the potential to be hugely popular. Ou Bai Bo called him his pride, and that was evidently true. Lin Siqing absolutely couldn’t be compared to Ou Bai Bo in terms of talent, yet Ou Zinan’s talent was far above even Ou Bai Bo’s.

Lin Siqing has been writing so many songs since his debut, he’d made so many albums, but even his best song couldn’t be compared to any one of Ou Zinan’s twenty.

Lin Siqing and Ou Zinan, the gap between them was too far. Even the most hardcore fans had to admit it.

The fans were silent, feeling extremely depressed. The rest had honestly been converted. Each song had slowly converted them into believers, and from believers into true fans. Knowing that the idol was really wronged, they waved their sticks and shouted, “Ou Zinan, you’re the best, you’re our pride too! We’ll always support you! Come on!”

“Don’t be beaten!”

“Come back again, two hours isn’t enough!”

“You must persevere, stars will always shine!”

Encouragement resounded one after another throughout the Star Pavilion, Lin Siqing and Ge Mengshu’s fans felt even more embarrassed and angry. The embarrassment was because of the abuse and misunderstanding they’d heaped onto Ou Zinan, and the anger was because of their idol’s deception.

Lin Siqing had a good image since debut, his musical talent had pushed him into the realm of the Song Gods. His fans were mostly mature, professional men and women, they had their own judgment and determination. At this point, they had red faces, some even covered their faces in shame.

The Star Pavilion was restless, the audience strapped themselves to their seats for a long time and refused to leave.

“Ou Zinan, sorry!”

“Ahhhh, we were wrong, please forgive us.”

“Ou Zinan, you’re my idol, I love you!”

The people who’d defected were everywhere, and the older fans who’d organized the Revenge Act didn’t protest. The apology was necessary.

Ge Mengshu’s fans were mostly little girls and boys, they were very emotional. A few kept nagging, saying that the video could be forged, but they were immediately glared at by the angry eyes around them, and finally had to shut up.

The security and the police began to evacuate the crowd. They’d vigorously entered the concert, but had to be awkwardly pushed out.


Sun Xi Mu was standing in the shadows, focused on watching the youth in the spotlight. He was so bright, eye-catching, exuding an unparalleled charm. He was the mellowest wine and the most potent drug, no one could resist his lure, and no one could escape his capture.

Sun Xi Mu knew, as long as he got the chance to stand up on stage, he would be successful. But when he really did succeed, he couldn’t stand having everyone else’s hot eyes on him.

He watched as the other man walked towards him and his blood began to boil. He wanted to pull him into his arms and shamelessly kiss him, lock him in a room and indulge in him, pound into him with his hardest place, entangle in madness…..

His heart had been squeezed by him and was broken into dust. His legs stubbornly stuck to the floor, unable to move.

Sun Xi Mu couldn’t think of a way to tell the other man about this love, so he exposed a rare jumbled expression.

Zhou Yun Sheng walked up to the man and asked, “What’s wrong? Why do you look so confused?”

Sun Xi Mu’s Adam’s apple bobbed, he fretted for a long time before saying, “You did well tonight, better than I thought. I’m proud of you.”

Zhou Yun Sheng suddenly pushed himself closer, he spread out his arms and trapped Sun Xi Mu into a corner, then he slowly said, “I want to check something, I hope you can cooperate with me.”

Sun Xi Mu gulped, he ignored his frantic heartbeat and asked, “What is it?” So close, he really wanted to kiss him.

But before he could put his thoughts into action, the young man hooked his arms around his neck, pulled his head down, and covered his lips with his own.

A warm tongue stretched out and intertwined with his tongue, and an unexplainable throbbing passed through the depths of his heart and soul. Except for the fragrant flowers and bright fireworks in his mind, he could no longer think of anything else. Sun Xi Mu’s eyes deepened and darkened, his left hand pressed up the young man’s back, and his right hand hooped tightly around his waist and pulled him against himself, so they couldn’t separate.

The staff who were initially approaching to congratulate quickly scattered. They pretended that they saw nothing, but their hearts unanimously thought: No wonder the Boss was willing to invest so much in Ou Zinan, they had this kind of relationship. Climbing such a high branch, Ou Zinan’s rise to fame was just a matter of time. Well, at least he has real talent.

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