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Chapter: 4.8

When their date finished, Lin Chengze went home early. Cao Mo Kun lit a cigarette, staring at the silently dressing teenager. He wanted to keep him for himself, but he also felt that a plaything was not worth his investment, his repeatedly tangled mood made his face gloomy.

Zhou Yun Sheng, as always, left right away, but Cao Mo Kun irritably extinguished his cigarette, then called his nephew.

Uncle was now Han Yu’s biggest partner, without his uncle’s support, his factories couldn’t have built up so quickly, so Ji Han Yu’s handling of his uncle’s attitude was very cautious. Even if it was one or two o’clock in the morning, or from half-dream to half-awake, he would wake up to accompany the man to eat supper.

They found a relatively clean barbecue shop, ordered some barbecued meat and a dozen beers.

“You live with your classmate nowadays?” Cao Mo Kun didn’t drink or eat, he just smoked one after another.

“Yes ah.” Ji Han Yu picked up the skewers.

“What’s your relationship with your classmate? Are you a serious couple?” Cao Mo Kun’s eyes looked sharp.

“Serious couple? Me with him?” Ji Han Yu sneered, “He’s just wrapped around me for my money. Before, he used to pester me, saying how much he loved me, as soon as I went ‘bankrupt’, he immediately snubbed his nose at me, and even seduced my friends.”

“What? He slept with your friends?” Cao Mo Kun’s had a smile, but his eyes were ruthless.

“He didn’t.” Ji Han Yu shook his head.

“Then why did you say he hooks around?”

“He loves to play around with them.  All the things he did to please me before, he now does for them.”

Cao Mo Kun opened a bottle of beer, drank down a gulp, and continued to ask, “Have you slept with him?”

“No,” Ji Han Yu blushed and immediately denied, “Although I live in his house, we haven’t done anything, I’m sleeping on the sofa.”

Cao Mo Kun’s cold eyes slightly retreated, he was preparing to continue the questioning, when his nephew dropped a bomb, “Uncle, I’m actually in love with his friend Fang Youran. Fang Youran is an orphan, he’s his roommate, he’s really a saint.”

In order to get his uncle’s approval, he cited a lot of examples, “Fang Youran, although he doesn’t look as perfect as Lin Chengze, his personality’s very strong and optimistic. He’s good at cooking too. Lin Chengze doesn’t do anything at home, he relies on Fang for everything- food, laundry, cleaning, everything that needs doing in the house. He also works, like, four part-time jobs a day, but his grades never drop. If I had his origins, I wouldn’t be half as good as he is.”

“Uncle, you know, I lied to him and said I needed 300,000 to revive my business, and he gave me all his savings. Think about it Uncle, he’s a high school student, even if he works four jobs a day, how much money could he possibly save? Lin Chengze is not as saintly as he is, he either pretends not to hear, or mechanical says he’ll help me find a way, then turn around and forgot about me. One is so lovely, the other is so hypocritical, how did they even become friends in the first place? I really want to break up with Lin Chengze, but I need a good reason.”

Ji Han Yu grudgingly grasped his hair.

Cao Mo Kun was staggered a moment, then he slowly asked, “You said that you needed 300,000 for your business? To Lin Chengze? When?”

“Last month, I think? I actually don’t need any money Uncle, don’t worry.” Ji Han Yu smiled and waved away his concerns.

Cao Mo Kun looked blankly at him, then he put down his bottle and directly left. He drove home in record time, stood smoking in front of the window for a long time, then he finally called the young man’s phone.

“Ah?” Zhou Yun Sheng muttered.

“Sleeping?” Cao Mo Kun unconsciously softened his voice.

“You’re asking if I’m sleeping? What time do you think it is? I have an exam tomorrow, if I don’t wake up on time, I’m blaming you!”

“Okay, blame me.” Cao Mo Kun slightly smiled, but he felt gloomy soon after. He’d wanted to ask him if he only followed him to help Ji Han Yu, but he suddenly remembered what he’d said that day – because I love him, I’ll sleep with you.

Although it made no sense at the time, the answer was obvious now, he didn’t need to ask. He’d thought that the boy was just his new plaything, not even a long-term plaything, he didn’t expect him to enter his heart, then completely occupy it. But for that person, he’d do anything, even sell himself.

This understanding didn’t let Cao Mo Kun feel better, but it made him wander on the edge of rage. But he knew that this wasn’t the boy’s fault, he didn’t deserve to hear even a little bit of his anger, so he held back and whispered a few appeasing words. He set up a time to meet tomorrow, hung up the phone, then sneered, “Baby, how can you love such a thing?”

He’d completely forgotten the so-called ‘thing’ was his nephew.

He slowly squished out his cigar as he planned out how to make the young boy see Ji Han Yu’s true face. The world had so many good men, yet he loved Ji Han Yu, why shouldn’t he get a better partner? He also wanted to receive such sincere, unreserved love.


After the test, Zhou Yun Sheng was taken to Cao Mo Kun’s home.

“Here.”  The man took out a brand-new suit.

Zhou Yun Sheng looked at him strangely and didn’t move.

“This is your wardrobe, I bought you a few sets of clothes, do you like them?”

The wardrobe door was opened, in it were neatly hanged clothes, they were all brand-new, even the tags weren’t cut off.

Zhou Yun Sheng was indifferent to fashion, he only liked electronics, but Lin Chengze loved brand-named clothes, so he was inevitably affected by his wants, he unconsciously walked over and started taking out the clothes.

Cao Mo Kun saw him happily shifting through the clothes and gave a satisfied laugh. While caressing his neck, he whispered, “You should live with me, it’s not safe always going home in the middle of the night.”

“No! Han Yu would suspect.” Zhou Yun Sheng immediately put down the clothes and prepared to leave.

Cao Mo Kun did not get angry, he quickly pulled him into his arms and kissed his neck to appease him, “Baby don’t go, I was just making a suggestion. Of course, I’ll still keep these things for you. Believe me, you’ll use them sooner or later.”

Zhou Yun Sheng thoughtfully looked at him, then gave up his struggling. Tonight’s Cao Mo Kun was exceptionally gentle, after dinner with him, he asked him about his test, his college entrance examinations, volunteer work, etc. and he gave him a lot of pertinent advice. But in bed he was especially ruthless, while he was conquering his body, he panted out questions, “Baby, if I didn’t appear, were you going to sell yourself to just anyone? Anyone who could give you three hundred thousand? Is that right?”

He grabbed the young man’s jaw, and forced him to look at his deep eyes.

Zhou Yun Sheng’s tears were pouring out, he sobbed, “If I could live a white and dignified life, do you think I’d be willing to sell myself? Don’t forget, if you didn’t hostage my paycheck, I wouldn’t be in this position. You ruined my chance to be a good man, you bastard! ” He gave him a hard look then, eyes full of accusations.

That ferocious, teary, glare hooked into Cao Mo Kun and made him unable to stop. He smiled, let go of the man’s jaw, then gripped his flexible waist. His forehead dripped with sweat, his voice revealed a deep pleasure, “Baby… withholding your check… was definitely the best decision I’ve ever made in my life.”

Zhou Yun Sheng was unable to answer coherently, he only bitterly bit his shoulder, but that only drove Cao Mo Kun’s movements crazier.


While the two guys’ feelings were getting better, Ji Han Yu and Fang Youran’s feelings were also getting deeper. One night, while Zhou Yun Sheng was out, Han Yu finally managed to induced Fang Youran to start a relationship with him, afterwards, he was even more eager to get rid of Lin Chengze.

After the winter vacation, in accordance with the prior agreement with Wang Jie, he took Lin Chengze to a party. The sponsor of the party was Wang Jie, the people who were invited were all rich second generations, the location was a high-class private club.

Calling it a party was too tame- sex, liquor, drinking, drugs, and condoms, were the main themes for the night. Ji Han Yu used to be pretty active in this scene, but now he had an image to uphold for Fang Youran, and a plan to initiate, so after a few minutes he got ready to leave.

“I’m leaving, you coming?” Although he asked, he already knew Lin Chengze wouldn’t leave with him. All the most famous local second generations were present, just clinging onto one would guarantee a carefree life, how could he be willing to leave early?

Zhou Yun Sheng really declined, “You go first, I’ll stay and play.” Here were the people who played with and ruined Lin Chengze, he needed to pay them back.

Ji Han Yu nodded, a contemptuous and sinister smile flashed in his eyes. After he left, Wang Jie immediately sat next to Zhou Yun Sheng, he put his arms around his shoulders and persuaded, “Lin Ze, let’s hit the bar, I’ll introduce you to some brothers I know.”

Many people were constantly glancing over to their area. Although there were a lot of beauties present, the young man was undoubtedly the most outstanding. Such a beautiful thing, yet Ji Han Yu was willing to pass him out to everyone to play, they really couldn’t understand his thoughts.

Zhou Yun Sheng didn’t hesitate, he walked over to the bar and opened a few bottles of wine, poured out glasses one by one, and passed them out to everyone. No one saw him throwing something into the bottle in secret. The lights dimmed, passionate music sounded, a model walked to the middle of the stage and started dancing. They jumped around a steel pole, shaking and grinding. Some people stood up to clap and whistle.


Some people joined in with bare thighs and exposed buttocks, and performed a variety of dirty actions. There were people lying on the table and taking drugs, the scene was extremely obscene.

If they weren’t drugged, they could’ve controlled their playing. But the drugs added to the mood, so they lost their minds faster. In just ten minutes, except for Zhou Yun Sheng, not a single person was sound of mind.

It was a sea of excitement, madness, clothes tearing, on the table, on the floor, on the couch, everywhere had piles of white bodies entangled in flesh. Zhou Yun Sheng picked out familiar faces, using his camera to leave a memorial, there were a few who were faced down or not in incriminating positions, so he helped adjust their postures.

He stuffed his camera into his bag and was readying to leave when he felt nature calling, so he stopped by the bathroom.  He washed his hands, leisurely dried it, but just as he touched the door handle, his phone rang, the caller id was ‘Immortal Lover ‘.


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