No Updates For 2 weeks!

Update Schedule---Kinda
I moved sites

I’m off on vacation guys. I wanted to have a few more updates ready before I go but things are too hectic. Oh well, I’m off to the Caribbean! I’ll be back mid July.

I’ll check in on comments so you guys know I’m alive, but there’ll be no updates.

Update Schedule---Kinda
I moved sites

12 thoughts on “No Updates For 2 weeks!

  1. Hi… anon reader here…
    Just Found out ur Translation (1 week ago maybe) and I read it over & over like 3 or 4 or 5 times. I really Love ur translation (I love the novel too, lol). Can’t understand why only a few of ppl knows about this novel (no offense, I like this novel more than True Star)

    Maybe bcos u didn’t post the novel’s cover?
    anyway, I feel fortunate enough to found this translation
    Have fun on ur vacation😁
    (hides again to the corner)

    1. Thanks for reading. I looked around for covers but couldn’t. Oh well, if they’re meant to be popular they will be. If not, no skin of my nose, I’m just translating these stories cause I like them.

  2. Have a nice trip!
    (Just found out about your projects recently and decided to pop in to say hi… LOVE THEM to bits <3 )

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