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Chapter: 3.9

Seven Princes was terminally ill but he survived by his own strength, how could a small bowl of medicine cure it so easily? Shen Yi Bin was just paying lip service. The prince dispelled the doubts in his heart, and pulled Xie Yurou in to comfort her.

Xie Yurou was in his arms, her face pale, her teeth trembling.

Before long, the Emperor’s lead eunuch arrived with a group of guards, he gloomily opened, “His Royal Highness, the Imperial Concubine needs to come with me, she has some questions to answer.”

Tian Chen Emperor is old, his body is gradually declining so he was naturally looking for longevity medicine. The attendants that followed him also wanted eternal youth and wealth, so they were also anxious. So the Prince did not even have to command it before someone came to catch Xie Yurou.

Xie Yurou knew that her space and spiritual spring was too miraculous, she couldn’t let others know otherwise the outcome could be fatal. And the space was bound to her soul, with a jade bracelet as a medium. As long as she does not want it, even if she wore the bracelet on her wrist no one could see it.

This bracelet cannot be robbed, as long as she had the spring and space, she always had a way to survive this catastrophe

Because of her new confidence, no matter how much the lead eunuch interrogated her, Xie Yurou was not willing to confess. She didn’t even want to leave a word to the Emperor. The Imperial Concubine did not respond to any methods, so the lead eunuch was helpless and had to leave with the guards.

Soon after they left, Xie Yurou quickly swallowed a drop of spring to recover her strength and sat in the corner panting. She could enter her space, but she would still be stuck in a cell, what was the use? Moreover, her family were still in Beijing, her brother had good talent, if she ignored them and disappeared the Emperor would take out his anger on Xie home.

So, the only choice was to offer the longevity medicine to the Emperor, to help nurse Tian Chen Emperor back to health, so that he would be eternally grateful to her. This was a shortcut to the throne, the Seven Princes would also benefit a lot.

Satisfied with her new plan, Xie Yurou smiled, her panic and helplessness were swept away.

If she could think of it, how could Zhou Yunsheng not? That night he hypnotized the guards, and walked openly into the cell.

“Imperial Concubine, how are you feeling?” He smiled, his eyes full of banter, then sniffed the air, and sighed, “Imperial Concubine always has a lot of remarkable medicine, and this medicine is the strangest of them all. I’m afraid I couldn’t find some of these herbs in all of Zhou country. If you give this to the Emperor and gave the Emperor longevity, you would see great fortune.”

Xie Yurou sneered and remained silent. She was now fearful of the scholar, she thought he was not mortal. How could a mortal man break her space and see her spiritual spring?

Zhou Yun Sheng didn’t mind, he went to the prison door, picked up a straw on the ground, and inserted it into the bronze lock. After a little fiddle, the big lock opened. As a villain, he wasn’t under much pressure, except for having children, there was nothing he couldn’t do in the world.

Xie Yurou stared at him, after she could react she huddled herself into a corner and curled up, then shouted in panic, “What do you want to do?”

“Relax, it won’t kill you.” Zhou Yun Sheng walked and bent over to look at her. If he killed the world’s hero or heroine, the world would immediately collapse. Because he was a foreign force, he had some limitations. But if the people of the world killed the hero and heroine, except for skewering the world of its original track, there wouldn’t be any other effects.

So he wouldn’t take the initiative to kill the heroine, he was after the space and spiritual spring. For someone like him who was collecting energy, the space and spiritual spring was nutritious food.

Hearing his remark, Xie Yurou became more alert, she wrapped her hands around her shoulder, preparing to shout, but found that she was unable to make a sound. What was going on? She looked at Zhou Yun Sheng in horror.

“Just a little bit of hypnosis” Xiao Yun Sheng laughed gently, pointing to her slender wrist, he sighed, “An Imperial Green Jade Bracelet, really rare ah. ”

“You, you can see it?” Xie Yurou stuttered. She was almost scared enough to lose her soul, she constantly guessed at his identity. The bracelet was an immortal’s gift, if Zhou Yunsheng could see it, wasn’t he also an immortal?

Zhou Yunsheng did not answer, he placed his hand over the bracelet and removed it, then rolled it around in his palm.

Xie Yurou watched in horror as the bracelet turned into little fluorescent lights, all absorbed into Zhou Yunsheng’s body.

“Although it’s nothing compared to absorbing a whole world, but mosquito meat is also meat so, thank you Imperial Concubine.” Zhou Yun Sheng waved his hand and walked out of the cell. He didn’t forget to close back the copper lock. Then he put a finger to his lips and whispered, “Mentioning the spirit spring and space is prohibited, you will go mad before you can even start to talk about it.”

This last sentence was hypnotism.

Xie Yurou maintained her horrified expression, but obediently nodded. Because the bracelet was bound with her soul, forcefully taking it away would also hurt her spirit. Soon after Zhou Yunsheng left, Xie Yurou felt a headache, she tumbled on the ground in pain.

“Where did you go?” When Zhou Yunsheng returned to the room, the Prince was sitting on the bed staring at him.

“To the bathroom.”

“Is there not a toilet in the house?”

“The smell is too bad, and the sound is also not elegant.”

The Prince smiled, opened the quilt and said, “You have more things to do tomorrow, come to bed.”

Zhou Yunsheng hesitated for a few seconds before he took off his robe. While the Prince was sick, he slept in his bed every day, to refuse after he was healed was somewhat hypocritical.

The Prince embraced him, having strength to do so was strange to him, he fell asleep relieved.


Xie Yurou still did not respond to the interrogation, the lead eunuch had to escort her back to Beijing to be personally interrogated by Tian Chen Emperor. A god medicine that could almost instantly cure the epidemic, Tian Chen naturally wanted to personally oversee this case.

Xie Yurou was tortured until she shouted the crazy truth. She screamed that the Prince should’ve been abandoned, Seven Princes should ascend the throne, she should be queen and so on, her ambition was clear.

Tian Chen Emperor was surprised, he thought that if this small concubine could be so ambitious, what did the Seven Princes have in mind? Did he want him and the Prince to die, to give him the throne? Otherwise why would he know that Xie had god medicine, but refused to help the Crown Prince?

So, the Seven Princes was tentatively punished. Tian Chen Emperor banned him from receiving any tasks from the court. Xie’s family home also had many seedlings, Tian Chen Emperor’s Guards turned it upside down, and also charge counterfeiting and other heavy felonies against them. Her entire family was soon taken into prison.

Xie Yurou was not careful, she’d placed medical prescriptions and other objects from her space on her shelves, these were a treasure to Tian Chen Emperor. But many of the herbs could only be grown in the space, how could they find them? Tian Chen Emperor handed over the recipes to the court for medical research, and also handed them to several wandering Taoist priests. Over time, the whole country became fascinated by alchemy, and the pursuit of longevity became a big topic.

The Prince’s influence grew more and more until he slowly took over the government.

When Tian Chen turned seventy-six he collapsed, the whole country mourned his passing. The Prince sat on the highest throne with almost universal support.

After the grand throne ceremony, the newly appointed Emperor eagerly summoned the newly appointed court scholar.

“Am I not the Divine Emperor today?” The Emperor intimately gripped the young man’s hands.

“Divine Emperor.” Zhou Yunsheng tried to pull back his hand but he only squeezed tighter, until his bones almost felt like they’d be crushed, so he had to give up.

“You’re no longer loyal?”

“I am loyal.” Zhou Yunsheng’s mouth twitched.

“Did you think about it?”

Zhou Yunsheng was silent, after he saw the brewing storm in the other’s dark eyes, he considered for a moment then said, “Now you are the Emperor, I am your courtiers. If you and I have a relationship that goes beyond the boundaries of monarch and servant, others might notice. We would produce a lot of suspicion, contradictions, and for a long time our love will lose respect from others.”

The Emperor automatically ignored the first few words, delighted, he asked, “Love? You also have feelings for me, I knew it.”

He pulled the young man into his arms and squeezed him, his voice was low and dangerous “Why don’t you give me a chance? Maybe our feelings wouldn’t only destroy, but born something new? If you do not agree with me today, the 100 years of prosperity for Shen Jia I promised will not count.”

Zhou Yun Sheng ignored his shoulder pain, looked up and bit out, “The Emperor must keep his word, haven’t you heard this saying?”

“The Emperor is unpredictable, haven’t you heard this?” The Emperor retorted.

Zhou Yunsheng, “…”

“Ah, you’re angry,” He saw his ugly complexion and quickly coaxed in soft tones, “As long as you obediently stay with me, and don’t disappear, I won’t trouble Shen Jia. Yun Sheng, Yun Sheng, accept, please, please …”

Like a pleading child, he buried his head in the young man’s neck and tried to offer him the world. Zhou Yun Sheng disagreed with his inexplicable actions, but after seeing him so fragile and panicky he thought for a long time then finally returned his hug. He’d compromise.

The Emperor was ecstatic, then he quickly took hold of his lips … …


Xie Yurou was sentenced to death by Chen Emperor and the Seven Princes had his tittle reduced to almost nothing. Now that the new Emperor had ascended the throne, his prosperity also failed to come back. The Seven Princes’ huge house was deserted, he had to rely on Shen Qiao Dan to maintain it.

“My brother just sealed the loyalty of the public, today he is hosting a banquet. Will you go with me?” Shen Qiao Dan was no longer as humble in front of the Seven Princes as before.

“Naturally, I will go with the Princess.” Seven Princes smiled gently.

“Now you have lost the chance to become Emperor so do not call me Princess. People could get the wrong impression.” Shen Qiao Dan said casually, she left before she could see the Seven Princes’ drastic change in expression.

The two people travelled to Shen Jia, the guests were coming and going out of the mansion, the scene was very grand. The world was aware of the Emperor’s favor of Shen official and others in the court constantly praised him, so naturally people wanted to curry favor.

Shen Qiao Dan left the party and the Seven Princes to stroll through the back courtyard, there she saw a row of majestic guards, whenever someone came near they’d menacingly drive them away.

Shen Qiao Dan was frightened but curious, she tiptoed close to look inside. There she saw her brother and the Great Emperor drinking by the lotus pond. She couldn’t hear what her brother said, but the Emperor started laughing, while laughing he combed his hand through her brother’s wind tossed hair, the action looked very gentle.

The two had been together for nearly a decade, but their feelings seemed to never change.

Shen Qiao Dan was rest assured, she smiled and turned away.




Done. This took twice as long to translate as a normal chapter. Can you guess what it’s like to translate a paragraph and see the Prince call ZYS a horse headed chicken? Then see ZYS show off by listing out an entire paragraph of ingredients? Then trying to find the English equivalent for all that gibberish?

3 more stories are ancient settings and one is a xianxia. I feel like crying. But the next one is modern again, thank God.


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